What Will Tom Brady Do Next?

  • Tom Brady has announced his retirement from the NFL.
  • Tom Brady has +500 odds to be an NFL head coach before the 2026-27 season.

TAMPA, Fla. – Tom Brady has shaken up the NFL world after announcing his retirement from the NFL after 22 seasons in the league. Brady is retiring from the NFL as the league’s all-time passing yard leader (84,520), all-time passing touchdown leader (624), and all-time passing completion leader (7,263)

From a betting perspective, Tom Brady also finished his career as the second-best quarterback against the spread going 186-124-6 as he covered in 58.9% of his games. With no more game lines to bet on Tom Brady, NFL sportsbooks have gotten creative with the odds that they can offer on the greatest quarterback of all time. Right now, there are odds on if Tom Brady will be a head coach in the NFL before the 2026-27 season.

Will Tom Brady Be An NFL Head Coach Before The 2026-27 Season? Odds

  • Yes +500
  • No -900

There are longer odds on Brady being a head coach for a reason being that he has expressed strong interest in not only spending time with his family, but also different business ventures. Some of the financial ventures that Brady is getting involved in includes his own apparel and fitness brand. Brady has also been busy in the cryptocurrency and NFT market.

Tom Brady The Coach

If Brady were to become a head coach in the NFL, he would join a list of notable names of players turned coaches in the NFL today. Two of the top head coaches in the NFL, Mike Vrabel of the Tennessee Titans, and Kliff Kingsbury of the Arizona Cardinals.

However, one trend to keep in mind though about these players turned coaches is that they each took well over five years to become a coach after their playing careers were over. Vrabel’s last season as a player came in 2010 while he began coaching 8 years later in 2018. Kingsbury’s route to the NFL took a bit longer as he played one season in the NFL in 2005 and got his job with the Cardinals later on in 2019.

Also, Brady had far more successful careers than both Vrabel and Kingsbury to the point where he could still live comfortably without being a head coach.

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