What/Who Is In A Super Bowl 56 Ad, Commercial?

  • NBC is allegedly charging up to $6.5 million for a 30-second commercial slot.
  • Companies are making the most of their 30 seconds, getting celebrities to star in their commercials.

LOS ANGELES - While some will tune in to NBC to watch the Super Bowl on February 13, others will be more intrigued by the commercials.

The Going Rate For 30 Seconds During The Super Bowl

There isn’t a time of the year like the Super Bowl. Not only do fans around the country tune in to watch the year’s biggest event, but they do so to watch the commercials.

Since Super Bowl commercials have become such a big deal, it’s not surprising to find NBC charging a hefty sum of cash for such a small time slot.

Multiple reports have suggested that a 30-second slot is going for upwards of $6.5 million. Considering the Super Bowl makes up 28 of the 30 most viewed television broadcasts of all time in the U.S., it seems as if there isn’t a price too steep for companies as they’re bound for an absurd amount of exposure.

Star Studded Lineup Highlights Super Bowl 56 Commercials

If a company is going to dish out $6.5 million for a commercial, it better one to remember. There’s no better way to leave a lasting impact than by using a popular celebrity.

For example, Flaming Hot Cheetos is using musical stars such as Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth along with some suspected exotic animals.

Planters are going in a different direction, reuniting Joel McHale and Ken Jeong from “Community” in what’s reported as the brand’s biggest campaign move in history.

Finally, a couple of brands are deciding to use movie stars as Sam’s Club will bring Kevin Hart to the screen while AT&T plan to use Mila Kunis and Demi Moore and their history with Aston Kutcher to build their branding.

Everybody has a different plan of attack to bet Super Bowl props and commercials, but everyone wants to make the most out of their big investment.

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