Is Winning The Super Bowl Coin Toss Bad Luck?

  • There are -105 odds on both sides of the coin toss.
  • There are -105 odds across the board on every Super Bowl coin toss prop bet.

LOS ANGELES – As the Super Bowl approaches, different prop bets are beginning to pop up. However, none of them are more popular than the odds on the Super Bowl coin toss.

Online Super Bowl 56 betting sites not only offer odds on the result of the coin toss, but also on different aspects of it such as if the team that wins the toss wins the game and many more.

The great thing about coin toss betting lines is that not only are they enjoyable, but they require little to no research.

Result Of Coin Toss For Super Bowl 56

  • Heads -105
  • Tails -105

Taking a look at the regular Super Bowl coin toss odds, the first thing to notice is the odds that are being offered at a longer price. A $100 bet on either side would profit $95 if chosen correctly.

As for the previous results, the term “tails never fails” has taken over in recent years as tails has won the toss in six of the last eight Super Bowls. However, heads has been the result in two of the last four, including Super Bowl 55.

Conference Coin Toss Odds

Which Conference Will Win The Coin Toss In Super Bowl 56?

  • AFC -105
  • NFC -105

In the last 10 Super Bowls, the result between the AFC and NFC have been split with the AFC having a slight edge on the winning result. The AFC has won six of the last 10 coin tosses in the Super Bowl.

Team That Wins The Coin Toss Wins The Game

Will Team That Wins Coin Toss Also Win Super Bowl 56?

  • Yes -105
  • No -105

While many like to think that winning the coin toss gives an automatic leg up in the Super Bowl, that is absolutely not the case. In the last seven Super Bowls, the team that has won the coin toss has gone on to lose the game.

The Seattle Seahawks were the last team to win the coin toss and win the Super Bowl back in 2014 at Super Bowl 48.

Will Team Call Coin Toss Correctly?

Will Team That Calls Coin Toss In Super Bowl 56 Be Correct?

  • Yes -105
  • No -105

Dating back to the last 10 Super Bowls, it has been an even 50/50 split on a correct coin toss call or not. In the last two Super Bowls, the toss has been called correctly, however, three in a row went poorly in the three Super Bowls prior. 

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