What is the Best Team Prop for the 2022 Bills?

  • The Buffalo Bills have +550 odds to win theory first five games of the regular season, and their first game is against the LA Rams in SoFi. The Bills won five straight at the end of the 2021-22 season.
  • Betting on the Bills to be the last team standing undefeated during the 2022 season at +800 odds would offer a higher payout than the Bill’s +550 preseason SB 57 odds.

NEW YORK – The Buffalo Bills have been the favorite to win Super Bowl 57 since February 2022 and Josh Allen will start the 2022-23 season with +650 MVP odds and the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl across all sportsbooks.

As the favorite for the entire offseason, Super Bowl sportsbooks have generated endless ways to place wagers on the Bill’s highly anticipated season. They currently have +550 odds to win the Super Bowl, which is the shortest they have been all offseason.

In order to take away some of the risk in the Bills finally making it through the playoffs, there are also betting types that would pay out just as much or more than +550 odds.

Props for Betting on Bills Team

  • Odds To Have Most Regular Season Wins +400
  • Team To Score The Most Points +500
  • Teams To Win The First Five Games +550
  • Last Team To Be Undefeated +800

The Bills currently have a projected win total of 12, and they have -130 odds to hit the betting over. The Bills ended the 2021 season with 11 total wins, only two behind the best record for the season.

Better Payouts on Bills Props than Super Bowl 57

They also scored the third-most total points during the 2021 season, with a final total of 483 and were only 8 points away from the top spot during the 2020 season.

Starting the 2021 season with a loss, the Bills went on to win their next four straight. The Bills 2022 season starts in LA with the Rams defending their Super Bowl victory but the Bills are a -2.5 favorite for the game.

If the Bills can pull off a win in SoFi week one, they have the Titans, Dolphins, Ravens, and Steelers in their way of winning their first five of the seasons. Winning their first five games at +550 has value, being the same odds as them winning the Super Bowl. The Bills won their season opener in 2020 and 2019 and won five straight games in 2021 before losing to the Chiefs in the Divisional Playoffs round.

The Bill’s season prop with the most value is betting on them to be the last team undefeated in the NFL. At +800, the Bills have the potential to win Super Bowl bettors more money on staying undefeated the longest, than they do winning the Super Bowl because oddsmakers have been so high on them all season for the big game. The NFL had no undefeated teams in 2021 after the Cardinals lost in week eight.

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