WFT Need 1 Win For Playoffs, NFC East Still Wide Open In Week 17

  • The Washington Football Team has -115 odds to win the NFC East.
  • Washington can lock up the division with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • The Cowboys and Giants face off for the right to go to the playoffs if Washington loses.

LAS VEGAS - It’s Week 17 of the NFL season and there are still three teams in the running to win the NFC East.

The whole thing could have been wrapped up last week, but the Washington Football Team lost to the Carolina Panthers and promptly cut former first round pick Dwayne Haskins.

NFC East Odds

  • Washington Football Team -115
  • Dallas Cowboys +190
  • New York Giants +350

The Philadelphia Eagles, who turned to Jalen Hurts far too late in the season, are finally out of contention.

NFC East Standings

  • Washington Football Team: 6-9
  • Dallas Cowboys: 6-9
  • New York Giants: 5-10

There has never been a six win playoff team before but the NFC East could get one.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

This matchup is for all the marbles in NYC. If the Giants lose here, the Cowboys will move to 7-9, and claim a tie at the top of the NFC East. However, due to tiebreakers, if the Cowboys win and the Washington Football Team wins, the Football Team would win the division.

If the Giants win this game, it’s a different story.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

  • Dallas Cowboys -3.0
  • New York Giants +3.0

The Cowboys are three-point road favorites on the game odds over the Giants, which would be a very close margin of victory for them to achieve.

Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This matchup effectively puts the entire division on a platter for the Washington Football team to feast on.

If the Football Team wins this one, they will win the division at 7-9, holding a tiebreaker over Dallas.

Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles

  • Washington Football Team -2.0
  • Philadelphia Eagles +2.0

The Football Team finds themselves as two point favorites on the road against an Eagles team with nothing to lose.

The Eagles are looking at a chance to blow the division wide open, or at least make it depend more on the results of the Giants/Cowboys game.

The interesting thing to note here is that the Giants hold the tiebreaker over the Football Team, who hold the tiebreaker over the Cowboys.

NFC East Division Leader Scenarios

Washington Football Team: All Washington has to do is win their game. If they do not, they will not win the division.

Dallas Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys can win the division if they win and Washington loses.

New York Giants: The New York Giants can win the division if they win and Washington loses.

In the event of a three-way tie (WTF, Dallas and NYG all at 6-10), the tiebreaker is the best head-to-head record among the three teams.

The Giants have that tiebreaker.

The likeliest scenario here is actually pretty simple - if Washington wins, it’s over. If Washington loses, whoever wins between the Cowboys and the Giants will take the division.

There are also fringe scenarios like ties. If the Cowboys and Giants tie, and Washington loses, the Cowboys win the division with the best record.

If Washington and Philadelphia tie and the Cowboys win, the Cowboys go through at 7-9.

If Washington and Philadelphia tie, and the Giants win, Washington goes through at 6-9-1.

If both games end in ties, the situation stays the same as it is now - Washington wins the division.

This is certainly a hot topic among NFL bettors and though the Super Bowl odds won’t change much with these sub-500 teams, it is definitely worth paying attention to in Week 17 of NFL.

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