Coach Of The Year Favorites McDermott, Flores Face-Off In Week 17

  • Sean McDermott now leads the Coach of the Year betting odds.
  • Brian Flores is right behind McDermott, and the two face off in Week 17 in a matchup that could determine the award.
  • Kevin Stefanski and Ron Rivera, both formerly near the top of the odds boards, are in trouble in this race.

LAS VEGAS - Coach of the Year betting is heating up in the last week of the season, and the odds still look quite compelling.

Bills’ coach Sean McDermott has moved up the odds boards to become the legitimate favorite for the award, while Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team took a tumble as the Team lost to the Carolina Panthers.

Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins has also risen significantly in the last week, and is now almost neck and neck with McDermott.

Kevin Stefanski, who was genuinely favored to win this award only a week ago, is now far behind the leaders.

Here’s what the COTY odds look like right now.

2020-2021 NFL Season - AP NFL Coach Of The Year

  • Sean McDermott+110
  • Brian Flores+120
  • Kevin Stefanski+700
  • Ron Rivera+1500
  • Matt Lafleur+1800
  • Andy Reid+1800
  • Mike Tomlin+2000
  • Sean Payton+2500

Right now, there look to be only two serious contenders for the award in Sean McDermott and Brian Flores. Last week, Kevin Stefanski and Ron Rivera were still in the discussion, and, indeed, atop the odds boards.

Here’s what the odds looked like just a week ago.

AP NFL Coach Of The Year (From 12/23/20)

  • Kevin Stefanski+140
  • Ron Rivera+150
  • Sean McDermott+550
  • Brian Flores+600
  • Mike Tomlin+1200
  • Andy Reid+1800
  • Matt Lafleur+2000
  • Sean Payton+2000
  • Frank Reich+2500
  • Mike Vrabel+3500

However, a lot can change over the course of a week, and both Rivera’s Football Team and Stefanski’s Browns took bad losses last week.

Now, both teams are in a situation where another loss could lock them out of the playoffs - and end each coach’s chance of winning coach of the year for good.

Last week, each of those teams was in pole position to make the playoffs - all they had to do was win against bad teams. Stefanski’s  Browns lost to the Jets, and now have to play for their playoff lives against the Steelers in Week 17.

Rivera’s Football Team lost to the Panthers, in a game that could have locked up the turbulent NFC East.

Meanwhile, McDermott kept on winning, as the Bills laid the smackdown on the New England Patriots, as did Flores, whose Dolphins defeated the Las Vegas Raiders.

Now, these two COTY candidates match up on the field in a game that could determine who wins this coveted award.

Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

  • Miami Dolphins +1.0
  • Buffalo Bills -1.0

The Dolphins and the Bills face off in a matchup that has playoff implications (the Bills can lock up the second seed in the AFC with a win) and implications for this wager as well.

It seems likely that the winner of this game will come away with the Coach of the Year award - not guaranteed, but likely.

Given how fortunes have swung week to week, a win in this game does seem like it would put either coach over the top.

Of course, the Bills could lock up the second seed via other teams losing as well, which could put McDermott over the top even if they lose this game.

Regardless, the fact that there is a game between the two top contenders for Coach of the Year is truly interesting, and sports bettors should be watching the odds during the game.

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