Virtual NFL Draft Odds Favor Technical Difficulties, Other Wild Props

  • Draftees are favored to experience technical difficulties with -500 odds.
  • The NFL will have an all virtual NFL Draft for the first time in league history.
  • The highest number of people in the same room of draftees has -160 odds to be Over 9.5 people.

LAS VEGAS — The 2020 NFL Draft is scheduled to still go on as planned with adaptations that will allow the annual event to go on despite the coronavirus pandemic. The adaptations are that the draft is closed to the public and will be mostly virtual for the first time ever.

This decision has opened up a wide array of NFL Draft odds that are unique to this year’s edition of the event.

Online sportsbooks have some draft odds that differ from the typical selection of NFL Draft betting props that range from how many people a drafted player will have in their room to will any newly drafted player pop champagne to celebrate making it to the league.

There are plenty of props to choose from and the odds offer a decent return if bettors are on the winning side of the bet. Each prop is for only the first round of the Draft and must be clearly shown on the draft broadcast.

Any Draftee experiencing technical difficulties during the Draft:

  • Yes -500
  • No +300

Winner: Yes (-500). The NFL will likely be doing all it can to prevent technical mistakes arising during the draft but the truth of the matter is that technical difficulties with this big of a draft pool and teams are bound to happen. If a bettor has faith that the NFL will run a smooth Draft without mess up the odds are listed at +300. However, bettors should feel comfortable taking the Yes odds for this prop since this is the first time the NFL is trying something like this.

Highest number of people in the same room:

  • Over 9.5 -160
  • Under 9.5 +120

Winner: Under (+120). Usually, when a player is home and is being drafted into the NFL they’ll have their family and friends sharing the big moment with them. Currently, the United States is in quarantine and gatherings of 10 or more people aren’t allowed. However, because the NFL Draft is such a big event for these players, some prospects are favored to have more than 9.5 people in a room with -160 odds. If all prospects follow the rules the +120 odds would net bettors a moderate return. Bettors who believe that these prospects will follow the CDC guidelines can take the odds on there to be no parties with more than 10 people in attendance at +120 odds because that’s where the profit lies.

Will any draftee pop champagne?

  • No -800
  • Yes +425

Winner: Yes (+425). The yes odds for this prop must be taken with confidence. Being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft is no easy feat and rolling the dice on one of the drafted players to pop champagne is worth the risk. The +425 odds make the risk worth the reward for this prop and players might actually have champagne on ice after being drafted because in today’s world you never know. The “No” odds for this prop have -800 odds which is understandable given the fact that players want to make a great first impression on the team that chooses them. But, with players being in their own home, they may be more enticed to celebrate their own way.

Who will No. 1 Overall pick hug first?

  • Mom +125
  • Dad +250
  • Girlfriend +300
  • Friend +700
  • Sibling +700

Winner: Mom (+125). As it stands now the Cincinnati Bengals own the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft and all signs point to Heisman trophy winner Joe Burrow being the first player taken off the board. This props focuses on who the first person he will hug and the only two people that should be bet on are Burrow’s parents. Burrow’s dad has +250 odds of being the first person he hugs after being drafted. However, take the +125 odds on Burrow to hug his mom first after being selected first overall.

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