Vegas Bettor Cashes Out $230k Correctly Picking Super Bowl Score

  • Las Vegas bettor risked $10,000 on the Chief's point total.
  • The same bettor put another $3,500 on the 49ers point total.
  • The final score of the Super Bowl went down in the history books.

LAS VEGAS - From inside the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and the Circa sportsbook, a professional bettor risked over $13,000 on the final score of the Super Bowl. It ended up being a high risk and very high reward for the bettor. His winning tickets show that he cashed out at $230k.

Kansas City Chiefs, 31

The morning after the Super Bowl, the winning bettor posted a picture of two winning betting tickets. One of them showed a wager of $10,000 that was put on the Chiefs to score 31 points. The odds were unlikely as they were at 16 to 1. From that ticket alone he won himself $170,000.

The bettor had luck on his side as the Chiefs had been down for most of the game. They went into the 4th quarter with only 10 points and ended up scoring 3 straight touchdowns to take the lead. The final two scores for them came in the final 3 minutes including a 38-yard run by Damien Williams with 1:12 left in the game.

San Francisco 49ers, 20

The second ticket that was posted by the sports bettor came at a risk of $3,500. The bet was that the 49ers would score a total of 20 points. The odds of them scoring exactly 20 showed at 20-1. From this ticket, he won a total of $73,500.

Like his ticket for the Chiefs, he had luck on his side with the 49ers as well. Up until the 4th quarter of the game, it looked as if the 49ers were going to run away with the score. They went into the second half tied at 10 points and did not allow the Chiefs to score at all. They themselves, put up another 10 points to make their total 20. San Francisco did not score in the 4th quarter.

History Books Were Wide Open After Super Bowl

As the Super Bowl came to an end with a 31-20 score in favor of the Chiefs, the history books were closing as well, as this Super Bowl had history written all over it.

31-20 may look like a regular game score, but it is far from it. Only 43 NFL games have finished with this score.

It has only been scored twice in the postseason. Of the last 800 NFL games, it has only been scored twice as well. It has also been scored twice in the same day, on September 16 of 2018 when the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the New England Patriots and the former San Diego Chargers defeated the Buffalo Bills.

The Chiefs 21 point 4th quarter was tied for the most points in a 4th quarter in Super Bowl history as well.

The Chiefs are also the first team to win the Super Bowl after trailing all games in a single postseason. Dating back to 2010, the team that gets in the scoring column first has gone 8-2 in the Super Bowl, the 49ers scored the first points of the game with a field goal.

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