Tim Tebow Player Special Betting Odds For 2021-2022 NFL Season

  • Tim Tebow has -175 odds for his first touchdown to be receiving, +140 for rushing and +400 for passing.
  • Tebow’s 2019 home run total (4) has -500 betting odds to be higher than his 2021 NFL touchdowns.
  • Tebow to take a snap at QB in Week 1 is set at +425.

LAS VEGAS – The Tim Tebow playing in the NFL in 2021 fantasy is, well, becoming less and less of a fantasy and more of a reality as the days go on. The Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to sign Tebow to a contract in the near future and sportsbooks promptly responded with interesting betting odds.

Method Of Tim Tebow’s First Touchdown: Passing, Rushing or Receiving

Tim Tebow is allegedly being signed as a tight end but could be used in a variety of ways in an Urban Meyer offense. He’s favored to record his first touchdown as a receiver, but the odds to score on the ground or as the thrower seem a little too good to pass up on.

Tim Tebow First Touchdown Method Betting Odds

  • Receiving -175
  • Rushing +140
  • Throwing +400

There could definitely be a situation where the Jags are on the one-yard line and Tebow lines up at quarterback and runs a QB power for a touchdown. It could even be that he lines up at QB, the entire stadium thinks he’s going to run a QB power and then finds an open tight end who slipped through the line.

Either of those possibilities seems more likely than Tebow beating a linebacker in coverage and getting open for a touchdown, but everything is a guessing game when it comes to Tebow at the moment.

Which Will Be Higher? Tebow’s 2019 HR Total, Or 2021 Touchdown Total

BetOnline is offering a prop bet as to whether Tebow will have more touchdowns in 2021 than he had home runs in 2019. He hit four home runs in 2019 and the line is set at -500 for that to be higher than his 2021 touchdowns.

Which Will Be Higher? Betting Odds

  • Tebow 2019 HR -500
  • Tebow 2021 TD +300

Tebow isn’t even guaranteed a spot on the Jaguars roster, so betting on him to score five or more touchdowns is a bold move. Even if he makes the roster, there’s no guarantee he gets any playing time nonetheless enough opportunities to find the endzone five times.

Will Tim Tebow Take A Snap At QB In Week 1?

If Tebow is to make the roster there will surely be a package that places him at quarterback. It’s unlikely that it happens in Week 1, especially since Trevor Lawrence should be getting as many reps as possible early in the season, but it’s not impossible.

Online sportsbooks don’t see Tebow taking a snap in Week 1 and that’s probably a safe assumption. However, a couple of weeks ago those same sportsbooks would’ve said Tebow signing a contract is highly unlikely as well.

Will Tebow Take A Snap At QB In Week 1 Betting Odds

  • Yes +425
  • No -800

With Tebow and Meyer’s relationship truly anything is possible. Just look at the fact that someone who hasn’t played an NFL snap since 2012 is playing a new position for the first time is potentially going to be on an NFL roster.

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