Teams Undervalued To Win The Super Bowl

  • The Bengals have +2200 odds to win Super Bowl 57 and have upgraded their offensive line. This was the biggest struggle in 2021, with Burrow being sacked 70 times total.
  • The Saints have +5000 odds to win the Super Bowl, but have a healthy Jameis Winston and have added Jarvis Landry to the roster.
  • The Cardinals traded for AJ Brown and will have Deandre Hopkins returning during the regular season, and have +3500 odds to win the Super Bowl.

CINCINNATI, Ohio – This NFL offseason has been filled with unexpected trades and many teams have seen roster upgrades and still have considerably long odds to win Super Bowl 57. Depending on how the regular season starts for these teams with recent additions, their odds could significantly shorten.

Betting On The Bengals – +2200 SB 57 Odds

Even though the Bengals did not make any dramatic offseason moves, they heavily strengthened their offensive line. Seen throughout the 2021 regular season and the Super Bowl, this was their largest weakness.

During the 2021 season, Joe Burrow became the third most sacked QB in NFL history, between regular and post-season combined. He was sacked seven times during the Super Bowl, bringing his combined total to 70.

Offensive Line Player Upgrades

  • La’el Collins (Right Tackle)
  • Alex Cappa (Right Guard)
  • Ted Karras (Center)

To strengthen the Bengal’s case, the AFC North is not as strong as last year, in terms of the Steelers losing Ben Roethlisberger, the Browns having questions at QB, and the Ravens losing Lamar’s top WR Marquise Brown. The Bengals are currently sitting at +190 odds to win the AFC North, and +1000 to repeat as AFC champions.

Betting On The Cardinals – +3500 SB 57 Odds

Starting the 2021 season 7-0, the Arizona Cardinals had +900 odds to win the Super Bowl but lost four of their five last games of the season. Deandre Hopkins tore his MCL during week 14 when the Cardinal’s loss stretch began.

Without their star wide receiver, the Rams beat them in the Wild Card round by 23 points. However, there is value in their +3500 odds for Super Bowl 57, with Hopkins returning after week six from suspension. Even if Hopkins gets injured again during the 2022-2023 season, the Cardinals have planned ahead with trading for AJ Brown during the NFL draft.

The 2021 preseason also has the Cardinals at +3500 odds, with +165 odds to make the playoffs and +135 odds to hit the season win total over of 9.5. After making the playoffs with 11 total wins and an injured roster, Kyler Murray showed the team’s potential, giving the team betting value for 2022-2023.

Betting On The Saints – + 5000

Although they are a heavy underdog, the Saints have also made some significant offseason addition to the roster. Jameis Winston led the Saints to a 5-2 start but suffered a season-ending knee injury against the Tampa Bay Bucs in week seven.

Sportsbooks have given the Saints +350 odds to win the NFC North, but the Saints are stronger than last season, with a healthy Winston and many other offseason roster pickups:

  • Jarvis Landry (WR)
  • Tyrann Mathieu
  • Marcus Mayye

The Bucs are favored for the division at -300, but the Saints have beat them in their last four regular season matches. With Taysom Hill under center after week seven for the Saints last year, they still managed to hit their projected win season total at nine and are on track to prove what their healthy and improved roster can accomplish for the 2022 season.

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