Super Bowl 57 Prop Odds: Penalties

  • The penalty yard total for the game is set at 79.5 yards.
  • There are -215 odds for the longest penalty to go over 15.5 yards.
  • There are odds on which team will commit the first accepted penalty.

PHOENIX – Penalties are a big part of the NFL as they can make or break a game at some points and different referees have given out more than others. That said, there are odds on different penalty numbers for Super Bowl 57.

From the jump, one major factor that would support the over on different penalty odds is that Carl Cheffers crew will be officiating the Super Bowl this year. For the last three seasons, crews that have been run by Cheffers have finished in the top-3 for most penalty flags thrown.

Super Bowl 57 Penalty Odds

First Team To Commit Accepted Penalty

  • Kansas City Chiefs -115
  • Philadelphia Eagles -115

Super Bowl betting sites have these odds set at the standard -115 being that both teams are pretty well disciplined in terms of not drawing flags. The Philadelphia Eagles have drawn 90 penalties this season while the Kansas City Chiefs are in the bottom-10 in penalties drawn at 87. With both teams drawing minimal penalties this season, it makes these odds a true toss-up.

Total Penalty Yards

  • Over 79.5 -145
  • Under 79.5 +110

Despite both teams having minimal flags drawn, Cheffers is bad news for those leaning on the under as he has given out the most penalty yards this season at 1,869. The Eagles could give up a good chunk of yards for offensive holding which is a 10-yard penalty being that they have the seventh most calls for it this season at 16. Kansas City isn’t far behind though at 15.

Pass interference though is where things will get going for the over as there is bound to be at least two calls with the Chiefs leading the league in these calls at 14.

Distance Of Longest Enforced Penalty

  • Over 15.5 -215
  • Under 15.5 +160

The Super Bowl prop odds for the distance of the longest penalty can be slammed on the over especially considering the Chiefs pass interference calls this season. The penalties that could force the over would come on deep plays which both Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are not shy of going for at all.

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