Super Bowl 56 Odds Favor AFC, AFC West To Win It All

  • Newly available odds have the AFC as -140 betting odds favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2021.
  • The books also have the AFC West as the favorite division to win Super Bowl 56 at +300, followed by the NFC West (+350), NFC South (+500), and AFC North (+500).

LAS VEGAS – The Lombardi Trophy will be headed to the AFC this year according to odds recently released by major sportsbook oddsmakers.

The bookies have officially listed the AFC as favorite over the NFC to win Super Bowl 56 and bring the trophy back to the American Football Conference.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl for the NFC in 2021, the major online sportsbooks are not expecting a repeat in 2022.

Conference of Super Bowl winner will be?

  • AFC -140

Over the last decade, the AFC holds the lead in Super Bowls going 6-4. However, the AFC has won five of the last seven heading into 2022.

Another note is that the New England Patriots are responsible for three of those trophies. With Bill Belichick’s squad currently retooling, it will likely be up to another team to increase the AFC’s lead.

The biggest candidate to be that team is the Kansas City Chiefs, who are currently the pre-season favorite to win the Super Bowl via the SB56 sportsbooks at +500 betting odds.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come in at +650 betting odds in second, followed by the Buffalo Bills in a distant third at +1200.

Despite ranking the Bucs and Bills in their top three Super Bowl picks, the sportsbooks do not have the same confidence in their representative divisions

Division of Super Bowl winner will be?

  • AFC West +300
  • NFC West +350
  • NFC South +500
  • AFC North +500
  • AFC East +550
  • NFC North +900
  • NFC East +1200
  • AFC South +1300

The AFC West naturally takes the top spot, led by the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and company appear locked in for the long haul, making the Chiefs a perennial contender until further news.

They are joined by the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers, and Las Vegas Raiders, who all failed to finish above .500 in 2021.

However, that could change in the future with major buzz centering around a possible move for Aaron Rodgers to the Denver Broncos, a move that makes sense to James Palmer of the NFL Network.

The NFC West is placed in a close second, with teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams waiting to redeem themselves in the playoffs.

In last place is the AFC South, narrowly edging out the NFC East for the conference with the least hope from the NFL bookies.

While Trevor Lawrence and Carson Wentz make the division more interesting, there isn’t much to work with in terms of value.

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