Super Bowl 56 Commercial Odds Offer Unique Values

  • Betting on celebrities in Super Bowl commercials offers value
  • Sportsbooks offer contradicting cryptocurrency commerical odds

LOS ANGELES – Everyone has a chance to bet on billion-dollar corporations when they watch Super Bowl 56, even if it’s not on either the Los Angeles Rams or Cincinnati Bengals. With many different styles of bets, betting on the Super Bowl commercials is a great way to stay engaged and have some fun.

Big Names Highlighted By Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

Betting on Super Bowl 56 commercials is similar to betting on the game itself in many ways, most notably that you bet on big names stars to win.

Commercial bets are available for huge companies such as Anheuser-Busch and Rakuten’s Casino Royale are largely based on which celebrity will represent the company first in their commercials. Rakuten’s Casino Royale has specifically given Super Bowl sportsbooks trouble determining a favorite:

1st To Be Shown In Rakuten’s Casino Royale Commercial Odds

  • Tom Hardy +500
  • Matthew McConaughey +550
  • Idris Elba +600
  • Daniel Craig +700
  • Shannon Elizabeth +750
  • Michael B. Jordan +800
  • Zac Efron +900
  • Chris Hemsworth +900
  • Hugh Jackman +900
  • Will Smith +900
  • Rob Lowe +1000
  • Pierce Brosnan +1000
  • Ben Affleck +1000
  • Matt Damon +1000
  • Kevin Hart +1200

With so many celebrities listed with such long odds, there is bound to be value to be had in “Who Will Be Shown First?” Super Bowl commercial bets.

Sportsbooks Flocking To Include Crypto Bowl Commercial Betting Odds

Cryptocurrency giants and FTX are poised to go head-to-head on Super Bowl Sunday in what critics are dubbing the “Crypto Bowl”.

Which Crypto Company Commercial Will Be Shown 1st?

  • -200
  • FTX +150

One other bet style on cryptocurrency Super Bowl commercials is based on which NFT will be shown first. MyBookie and BetOnline both offer this bet, but a lack of consensus on the favorite highlights the importance of odds shopping for Super Bowl commercial betting.

MyBookie Favorites For First NFT

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club -150
  • Nouns +150

BetOnline Favorites For First NFT

  • Nouns -150
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club +150

It appears that sportsbooks have a much harder time handicapping favorites for Super Bowl commercial betting than on the game itself. Whether it is long odds on a celebrity or contradicting cryptocurrency odds, there is tons of value to be had betting on Super Bowl commercials.

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