Super Bowl 54 MVP Odds Are Out – Is It Too Early To Tell?

  • Super Bowl 54 MVP odds have been released on many online sportsbooks.
  • There are still two rounds of playoffs before the competitors in the Super Bowl are decided.
  • Bettors would be wise to take note of these odds, as well as their implications and uses.

LAS VEGAS – The Wild Card Round has just ended, but the Super Bowl MVP odds are already out on online sportsbooks. Sports bettors would be wise to take note, as due to the obvious risk that a player doesn’t even make it, some players will have longer odds now than they would if and when they reach the Super Bowl.

For example, likely regular-season MVP Lamar Jackson leads the pack right now with +250 odds to win Super Bowl MVP, which reflects both Jackson’s importance to his Baltimore Ravens team, and the relative possibility that the Ravens reach the Super Bowl in the first place.

Generally, these odds follow a pattern. The Super Bowl MVP is overwhelmingly likely to be a quarterback, followed by a skill position player. This makes sense, as these are the players most likely to have the ball in their hands and the opportunity to make plays.

Indeed, the four players with the shortest odds are quarterbacks on teams that had first-round byes: Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garroppolo and Aaron Rodgers.

Jackson’s +250 odds make him the favorite by a significant margin. He is followed by Mahomes at +400, Garroppolo at +600 and Rodgers at +1200. One interesting thing to note is that Mahomes and Jackson play in the same conference, the AFC, meaning by definition one of them won’t even make it to the Super Bowl, no matter what.

Despite this, the two stars still have the best odds to win the Super Bowl MVP.

As far as non-quarterbacks go, George Kittle is the one with the shortest odds. Kittle, the star tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, has had an incredible season, drawing comparisons to some of the greatest players to ever play at his position, such as Rob Gronkowski.

Kittle is fifth in overall odds, with +1400 odds to win the Super Bowl MVP.

The 49ers' tight end is followed by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who has +1600 odds to win the Super Bowl MVP. This is likely due to the fact that Wilson is extremely important to the success of his team, and his team is a good one, but perhaps not expected to make it past the next round.

After Wilson, there is a group of electric skill position players, who are either incredibly important on a down-to-down basis for their teams, incredibly explosive and able to make game-breaking plays, or both.

Aaron Jones, running back for the Green Bay Packers, is first in that category. Coming off of an excellent season that had many debating whether Jones or quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the most important player on Green Bay, Jones’ +2000 odds are tied for the highest among running backs.

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is next with +2000 odds to win, significantly shorter odds than anyone else on the Vikings, including his quarterback Kirk Cousins (+3300) who had one of the most important throws of the playoffs so far.

He is followed by the dominant Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry, whose +2500 odds dwarf Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s, for good reason – Henry was responsible for over 2/3rds of the yards the Titans gained in their playoff victory over the New England Patriots.

The explosive Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs, at +2500, is the only wide receiver with shorter odds than +4000, and is firmly in the “game-breaker” category, capable of turning any reception into a touchdown.

After Hill, we start to get into more contentious territory, with Raheem Mostert and Mark Ingram at +2800, presumably off of the strength of the teams they are on. The 49ers and the Ravens are favorites to make the Super Bowl, and as such, their players have better odds to win the Super Bowl MVP.

Whoever wins, this is a golden moment for sports bettors, as the uncertainty around who will make it at all allows for plenty of high payouts for Super Bowl Betting.

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