Sportsbooks Now Favor Houston Texans To For NFL’s Worst Record

  • The Houston Texans are the +175 favorites to have the worst record in the NFL.
  • The Under of 4 wins is the betting favorite with odds of -130.
  • The Texans are underdogs in all 17 games of the season.

HOUSTON – The Houston Texans are favored to be, for a lack of a better term, the laughing stock of the NFL next season.

The team is the favorite to have the worst record in the NFL, to have fewer than four wins and are underdogs in all 17 games of the regular season.

Favored To Have Worst Record

No matter how all teams finish the season, Online sportsbooks project the Houston Texans to have the worst record in the NFL next year.

Team With Worst Regular Season Record Betting Odds

  • Houston Texans +175
  • Detroit Lions +300
  • New York Jets +800
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +1200
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1200
  • Las Vegas Raiders +2000
  • Carolina Panthers +2200
  • Denver Broncos +2200
  • New York Giants +2800
  • Chicago Bears +3300
  • Washington Football Team +4500
  • Atlanta Falcons +4500
  • Minnesota Vikings +5500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +5500

Given that the Texans are underdogs in all 17 games, this may not be too surprising. Much of the negative views towards the team stem from the Deshaun Watson situation and the assumption he will not be the team’s quarterback in 2021.

If Watson plays, there’s no way the Texans should be the worst team, but that seems like a long shot at this point.

Texans Win Total

The Texans have the lowest win total of any team in the league, with the Under four wins being the betting favorite.

Houston Texans 2021/22 Total Wins Betting Odds

  • Over 4 EVEN
  • Under 4 -130

To figure out if the Texans have a shot at winning more than 4 games, let’s take a look at the assumed easiest games on the schedule. Houston plays the Jacksonville Jaguars Week 1, and if they can’t beat a rookie QB in his first start, it might tell the story of the season.

The Texans also play the Carolina Panthers in Week 3, the Jets in Week 12 and the Jaguars in Week 15. If Watson is out, those may be the only true opportunities to grab a win this season.

However, it is the NFL, and “any given Sunday” is an expression for a reason, but things just don’t seem good in Houston this year.

To sum things up, we can look at the Texans’ odds to make the playoffs.

Houston Texans To Make Playoffs

  • Yes +600
  • No -1200

In comparison, the Kansas City Chiefs are -1400 favorites to make the playoffs. This means that sportsbooks consider the Texans missing the playoffs about as much of a lock as the Chiefs to make the postseason.

It’s safe to say that NFL bettors should be extremely cautious when betting on the Texans to have any sort of success this season.

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