Sportsbooks Giving Value On Bills AFC East Odds Over Pats

  • The Buffalo Bills have -2500 odds to win the AFC East over the New England Patriots.
  • The Bills Week 18 odds over the New York Jets are -1400.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The race for the AFC East division title is heating up heading into Week 18 as the Buffalo Bills are heavily favored to win, but the New England Patriots are in line to make one final push.

As the standings sit right now, the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots are tied with 10-6 records. However, the Bills do own the tiebreaker over the Patriots being that they have the better record against division opponents.

Now looking at where online NFL betting sites have the AFC East division odds, the Bills have a tight lock on first place.

AFC East – Division Winner Odds

  • Buffalo Bulls -2500
  • New England Patriots +1000

In order for the Bills to win the division, all they would need to do is win their game against the New York Jets in Week 18. A game in which they have -1400 odds to win.

Now, the Bills can afford a loss against the Jets and still win the division, however, they would also need the Patriots to lose against the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots currently have -300 odds to win that game.

Where The Value Lies Betting On The Bills

When looking to get the most profit out of betting on the AFC East, betting on the Bills moneyline rather than their division odds offers a larger payout.

For those that truly trust the Bills to win the division, their moneyline odds would offer $30 more profit than their division odds when betting $1,000. A $1k bet on the Bills to win the division outright would profit $40. On the other hand, betting $1k on their moneyline odds against the New York Jets profits $71.

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