Sportsbooks Give EVEN Odds On Packers Leading/Beating 49ers

  • The Green Bay Packers to lead at half and win has EVEN odds.
  • The San Francisco 49ers to do is a +280 betting option.

GREEN BAY, Wis. - One of the most intriguing odds for the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers game will be on the half-time/full-time result.

Packers To Control From Start To Finish

The Packers are the biggest favorites of the weekend in their game against the 49ers so it’s easy to see why NFL betting sites have made Green Bay to lead at half and the end of the game the favorite.

Half Time / Full Time - Regulation Time Odds

  • Packers - Packers EVEN
  • 49ers - 49ers +280
  • 49ers - Packers +600
  • Packers - 49ers +750
  • Draw - Packers +1400
  • Draw - 49ers +2000
  • Packers - Draw +3500
  • 49ers - Draw +4000
  • Draw - Draw +4000

Despite it being the most likely option, the EVEN odds attached to it seem to bring some good value. Those looking to bet on the Packers should note that they have home-field advantage. In his career, Aaron Rodgers has been nearly unbeatable at home when leading at halftime.

Which Other Options Would Make Sense?

Green Bay is ninth in first-quarter scoring with 13.1 points per game while San Francisco isn’t far behind with their 12.4 points per game. Plus, the 49ers have the better first-half defense as they allow just 10.1 points per game while the Packers give up 12.1 points per game. Because of this, those betting on the NFL may look into the +600 odds on the 49ers - Packers result.

49ers vs Packers Moneyline Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers +210
  • Green Bay Packers -250

Some may be intrigued by the 49ers - 49ers result but given the +280 odds, it may not be worth the added risk in comparison to the 49ers original moneyline odds. Those who believe the 49ers are going to pull off their second straight upset in the postseason should likely just take the ML odds.

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