SB LVIII Props For Travis Kelce + Taylor Swift Proposal, Baby Announcement

  • A Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 58 victory and Travis Kelce proposal to Taylor Swift has +1500 odds at Bovada.
  • There are -175 odds that the couple gets engaged in 2025 or later, or never gets engaged at all.
  • Bovada offers +1200 odds for Kelce and Swift to make a pregnancy announcement in Q1 or Q2 of 2024.

LAS VEGAS – A key focus of Super Bowl 58 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is whether Travis Kelce proposes to Taylor Swift after the game. There are also betting odds at Bovada for a potential pregnancy announcement on the same day or a later date this year.

Taylor Swift has transformed how to bet on Super Bowl 58 with plenty of prop bets surrounding her relationship with Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. There are +1500 odds for Kansas City to win the Super Bowl and Kelce to propose to Swift on the field.

When will Taylor and Travis announce their engagement?

  • Q1 2024 +450
  • Q2 2024 +700
  • Q3 2024 +700
  • Q4 2024 +600
  • Chiefs Win Super Bowl + On-Field Proposal +1500
  • 2025 Or Later Or Never -175

Betting on Taylor Swift engagement announcement to occur before the end of Q1 (March 31) pays out $550 at Bovada on a $100 bet. Since the Chiefs are 2.0-point underdogs, their victory in Super Bowl 58 isn’t guaranteed and the quarterly bet gives more flexibility.

Betting Odds For Taylor Swift Pregnancy Announcement

There’s also betting odds for a potential pregnancy announcement between Swift and Kelce. Although most bettors will look towards other Super Bowl 58 odds, the long odds for a baby announcement are intriguing.

When will Taylor and Travis announce their first pregnancy?

  • Q1 2024 +1200
  • Q2 2024 +1200
  • Q3 2024 +1000
  • Q4 2024 +1000
  • Chiefs Win Super Bowl + Same Day Announcement +2000
  • 2025 Or Later Or Never -500

Since the power couple started dating roughly six months ago, the -500 odds are solid for there to be no pregnancy announcement in 2024. However, many fans and personalities speculate Swift will make a baby announcement in 2024 due to their “healthy relationship”.

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