Ravens Favored To Sign Jamal Adams After Trade Request To Jets

  • Adams is favored to not be traded by Week 1 with -600 odds.
  • If Adams is traded, the Baltimore Ravens are favored at +250 odds to be his Week 1 team.

NEW YORK – The turmoil between the New York Jets and All-Pro safety, Jamal Adams has finally reached its breaking point forcing Adams to request a trade from the Jets.

The cause for the trade request is contract extension talks that Adams and the Jets did not see eye to eye on.

Odds are not posted on NFL sportsbooks for not only which team Jamal Adams will be on for Week 1 of the NFL season but also odds for if he will even be traded.

Just because Adams requested a trade does not mean that the New York Jets will grant him one.

Odds are currently in favor of Adams not being traded before Week 1 of the regular season at -600 odds while odds for him being traded are at +350.

The Jets could hold out on a Jamal Adams trade and hope that they could either work things out with their superstar safety or wait for the right offer to come across the table.

Bettors can expect the Jets to try and hold off for as long as possible before pulling the trigger on any trade that comes their way.

Favored Landing Spots

With Jamal Adams requesting a trade away from the Jets, he released a list of teams that he would prefer to be traded to.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also one of the teams that are on Adams' desired destinations.

Of the teams that were mentioned the Baltimore Ravens have the shortest odds of landing Adams with +250 odds.

Jamal Adams Team Week 1 Of Regular Season 2020

  • Baltimore Ravens +250
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300
  • Dallas Cowboys +400
  • Philadelphia Eagles +500
  • Seattle Seahawks +500
  • Houston Texans +700
  • Kansas City Chiefs +800
  • San Francisco 49ers +1000

The Ravens are obviously in contention for a Super Bowl right now and adding Jamal Adams would push them over the top.

Adams is actively seeking a contract extension and the Ravens would not be able to offer him one until the 2021 season when they have $65 million in cap space.

In order to acquire Adams, they would likely have to part ways with their first and second-round draft picks.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the last team added to Adams' list of teams desired. They currently are second on the odds board for landing Adams with +300 odds.

The defensive coaching staff in Tampa Bay is very familiar with Adams as Todd Bowles, the team’s defensive coordinator drafted him in 2017, when he was the head coach of the Jets.

Tampa Bay is also trying to build a Super Bowl contending team as well since Tom Brady only has a limited amount of time left in the league.

The Dallas Cowboys +400 odds are surprising as they are not shorter.

Adams is from the Dallas area and has made it clear that he would love to be traded back to his hometown.

In a recent video, Adams stated he is “trying” to get traded to Dallas.

Now that the Cowboys have figured out the Dak Prescott contract situation, they can turn their focus towards landing a blockbuster deal for Adams.

Whether Adams gets traded or not is anyone’s guess but being ahead of the game can do wonders for those betting on Jamal Adams’ trade location.

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