Preseason Betting Guide for the 2022-23 Houston Texans

  • The Houston Texans has the longest Super Bowl odds in the NFL at +25000.
  • The Texans have +3000 odds to win the AFC South.
  • The Texans are favored to score the fewest points in the league at +1600.

HOUSTON – The Houston Texans have absolutely nothing going for them in the 2022-23 season and oddsmakers have set their odds accordingly. In fact, the Texans are falling into a black hole right now as all of their opening odds have moved back even further.

All of Houston’s odds opened up as the longest in their categories. Their Super Bowl odds opened at +10000 and have since dropped way back to +25000. Their AFC Championship odds opened at +7000 and now sit at +12500. As for their odds to win the AFC South division, those opened at +2200 and are now +3000, the longest preseason division odds of any team in the NFL.

While betting on their odds to win the Super Bowl or AFC Championship have little to no value at all, there could be value in betting on one of their AFC South prop bets. They have -280 odds to finish in fourth place in the division which should be some of the easiest money to be made considering their 4-win seasons over the last two years.

Value In Texans Prop Bets

Yes, do not get it confused, there is still value to be made in betting on some of the Texans prop bets this season such as their odds to have the fewest wins and odds to score the fewest points, both of which are favored. Houston has +550 odds to score the fewest points and +275 odds to have the fewest wins.

Backing up both of these odds was their underwhelming play from last season that saw them score just 280 points (3rd lowest) and allowed 452 points (2nd most). They had the sixth worst redzone offense in the league as they scored on just 51.35% of their redzone appearances for just 1.1 redzone touchdowns per game.

On the other side, their defense allowed their opponents to put up the fifth most redzone drives per game at 3.9. They also allowed their opponents to score a touchdown on 62.1% of total drives.

Most importantly of all, they are favored to go 0-17 this season amongst all teams in the league at +1600 odds.

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