Odds Love Mike McDaniel To Become Dolphins Head Coach

  • Betting odds like Mike McDaniel to become the Miami Dolphins head coach
  • Lack of interviews surrounding Eric Bieniemy the cause for his long head coaching odds

MIAMI – If betting odds are any indication, the Miami Dolphins are closing in on Mike McDaniel to be their next Head Coach. McDaniel has now become the outright favorite over the field with -200 odds.

With the San Francisco 49ers losing in the NFC Championship Game, McDaniel’s is now free to interview for a second time with the Dolphins. NFL rules bar coaches from the conference champion teams from interviewing for head coaching jobs in the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.

Another notable name in the head coaching search, Eric Bieniemy, is free to interview for head coaching jobs as well. Betting odds are much less optimistic of Bieniemy getting a promotion than McDaniel, with his odds at NFL betting sites of becoming a head coach +400. The driving force between for the difference in head coaching odds between Eric Bieniemy and Mike McDaniel is caused by a difference in interviews during this NFL head coaching cycle.

Mike McDaniels Interviewing With Miami Dolphins A Second Time

The longer that the Miami Dolphins drag out their head coaching search, the more likely that Mike McDaniel becomes their head coach. Previous reports suggested that McDaniel, Brian Daboll, and Kellen Moore were the top candidates for the job, but since then Daboll got the New York Giants head job and Jerry Jones stated that he expects Moore to return as the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator.

It is not as if the Daboll and Moore news are the only reason that McDaniel is such a significant favorite over the field to become the Dolphins head coach. Many NFL insiders have stated that the Dolphins want to hire a head coach with an offensive background.¬†Given McDaniel’s history on the offensive side of the ball (San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator) and strong offensive mentors (Kyle Shanahan, Matt LaFleur, and Sean McVay) it is not surprising to see why the odds support Mike McDaniel to become the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Odds To Be The Head Coach Of The Miami Dolphins

  • Mike McDaniels -200
  • Jim Harbaugh +150
  • Kellen Moore +300

Eric Bieniemy Long Odds Based On Lack Of Interviews

The only interview during this NFL head coaching cycle for Eric Bieniemy was with the Denver Broncos, who have since hired Nathaniel Hacket to fill the role. Given the offensive success that the Kansas City Chiefs have had with Bieniemy as their offensive coordinator, it is safe to say that his odds are more closely tied to his lack of interviews than his qualifications.

During the 2021 NFL head coaching cycle, Eric Bieniemy interviewed for all seven of the openings. Even though there were nine openings in 2022, it now seems difficult to pick a team that seems likely to hire him in 2022 based on the rumors about which candidates each team is interviewing.

Four head coaching jobs have been snapped up, and Mike McDaniel to the Dolphins, Brian Flores or Josh McCown to the Texans, maybe even Jim Harbaugh to the Vikings all seem relatively likely. That would leave the Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints, who may hire Eric Bieniemy, but sportsbooks see that as a long shot.

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