First Minute Super Bowl Score Comes With +1000 Odds

  • There are +1000 odds on either team to score in the first minute of the Super Bowl.
  • Only two teams have ever scored in the opening minute of a Super Bowl.

LOS ANGELES - One of the more intriguing prop bets for Super Bowl 56 is whether a team will score within the first minute of the game. The odds are long, but not nearly long enough.

First Minute Score Odds Don’t Leave Enough Value

Although there have been a couple of instances of teams scoring quickly in Super Bowl matchups recently, the odds on NFL betting sites show that it’s not worth betting on.

Score in the First Minute of the Game Odds

  • Yes +1000
  • No -4000

Many will remember the safety on the first play between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos as well as the Devin Hester opening kick return, but those are the only two instances of a first minute score in Super Bowl history.

Just two of the previous 55 Super Bowls have had this bet cash out, which equates to just 3.6%. For comparison purposes, the +1000 odds have an implied probability of 9.09% which is much greater than the real probability.

With all of the Super Bowl odds to bet on, this is one that should not be taken. Even those looking for a longshot can likely find more betting value on other wagers.

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