NFL Playoff Prop Betting: Saquon Barkley vs. the Eagles

  • Saquon Barkley has -115 odds to go over 68.5 rushing yards.
  • He’s done so ten times this season, but eight of those ten games came in the first half of the season.
  • Barkley has -125 odds to go over 24.5 receiving yards, which he’s done seven times.

NEW YORK - Saquon Barkley’s prowess as a rusher is one of the major reasons the New York Giants are in the Divisional Round, and they’ll need every bit of his power if they want to upset the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday.

Total Rushing Yards - Saquon Barkley

  • Over 68.5 -115
  • Under 68.5 -115

Barkley is averaging 77 rushing yards per game, which means that this O/U is significantly below his season average.

He’s gone over this O/U line ten times this season – so why are the online sportsbooks putting it so low?

The answer is that he’s in a relative slump. Eight of the 10 times he rushed for more than 68.5 yards happened in the first nine weeks of the season.

Since then, he’s only hit that number twice.

Total Receiving Yards - Saquon Barkley

  • Over 24.5 -125
  • Under 24.5 -105

Barkley is a genuine threat as a receiver, with two of his last three games seeing him haul in catches for more than 40 yards total in each game.

He’s gone over 24.5 receiving yards in seven of his seventeen total games played this season, including in his first-round Playoff matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

Total Rushing & Receiving Yards - Saquon Barkley

  • Over 98.5 -115
  • Under 98.5 -115

Super Bowl betting fans with sharp eyes will notice that the combined prop for Saquon’s rushing and receiving yards is significantly higher than it should be.

Barkley’s rushing yards prop is 68.5 and his receiving yards prop is 24.5. Adding them together gives 93 yards, but this line is set at 98.5 yards.

The logic is likely that it has to be higher, because of the increased potential for Barkley to break a play if you take all of his abilities into account, but it’s still a bit of an iffy wager when the value you’re giving up is clearly posted.

Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. EST on Saturday.

Saquon Over 68.5 Rush Yards? Y/N

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