NFL Betting Odds: Drugs Are Favorite For Next NFL Arrest Reason

  • The odds for a player to be arrested on drug charges is favored at +165.
  • DUI (+275) and Gun (+325) are the next two favorites for arrest reason.
  • Oddsmakers set an over-under at 7.5 NFL players to be arrested before September 10.
  • A total of 11 players have been arrested in 2020 so far.

NEW YORK – With the most recent storyline Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar being accused of armed robbery, the focus on NFL arrests has taken the topic of the media.

With this, online betting sites are posing NFL prop bets on the next reason for a player’s arrest.

There has been a growing trend for the NFL players that have been arrested in 2020 so far. That trend is that they are arrested on gun charges.

Although there are more gun charges than drug charges, drug charges are favored on NFL sportsbooks to be the next arrest at +165 while gun charges follow at +325.

Arrest Category Of Next NFL Player Arrested After May 27, 2020

  • Drugs +165
  • DUI +275
  • Gun +325
  • Disorderly Conduct +650
  • License +750
  • Vandalism +1200

Of the categories listed, guns is the most popular this year with five players having been arrested on gun charges or gun-related charges.

Being that gun charges outweighs the drug charges, bettors can keep that in mind for the longshot odds situation.

Though drugs are favored, there have only been three charges for it in 2020.

More and more players have been steering away from drug use each year and the numbers from 2019 to now show that.

In 2019 there were 10 drug charges while in 2020 there have only been three since January.

DUI charges are surprisingly the second most favorite (+275) to be the next arrest reason, despite only two occurrences happening in 2020.

At +650 odds is Disorderly Conduct.

There haven’t been any charges for disorderly conduct in 2020 but there has been one battery charge.

That charge was by nonother than Odell Beckham Jr. for slapping the bottom of a police officer after LSU had won the National Championship. Being that there has only been one charge and that it does not come often, bettors should look elsewhere.

The longshot odds here are vandalism. These charges do not come often as there have only been two charges for it since 2000.

Over/Under And Position Odds

The two remaining NFL arrest prop bets are the Over/Under of how many players will be arrested and which position will the next player arrested be.

The Over/Under for the number of players arrested between May 27 and September 10 is set at 7.5 athletes.

This number might seem a little low as already 11 players have been arrested in the first five months of the year. Bettors should not hold their breaths here and confidently bet the over.

When looking at the position of the next player arrested after May 2, the options are an offensive player/kicker or a defensive player/punter.

Both sides of the line are standard odds, set at an inflated -120.

Of the players arrested in 2020 thus far, there have been six on the defensive side and five on the offensive side.

In recent years it is typically defensive players that are facing charges as in 2019, 17 of 30 players facing charges came on the defensive side of the ball.

Bettors can focus more on the defensive side of the ball when choosing the next position arrested in the NFL.

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