Live Betting On Super Bowl 54? Find Out How To Stream SB54

  • There are many streaming options for NFL fans to consider for Super Bowl 54.
  • Super Bowl 54 kicks off February 2 at 6 p.m. EST.
  • FOX is available in most markets to watch across many different streaming services.

MIAMI - With Super Bowl 54 just a few short weeks away, many sports fans are beginning to prepare for the big game.

A lot of crucial decisions are being made such as which chips to buy to pair with the homemade dip fans plan on making. Luckily, there is a way to make one decision just a bit easier, and that is how to watch Super Bowl 54.

Where To Stream Super Bowl 54

Since the game will be airing on FOX, it is a good thing that FOX is available on a wide array of streaming platforms including Hulu, fuboTV, Amazon Prime, AT&T TV NOW and many others. The prices for these vary and there are a lot of options for NFL fans to choose from.

The cheapest option would have to be Amazon Prime as they offer Live NFL streaming for just $12 a month added on to an existing Amazon Prime account. This will allow its users to stream the Super Bowl anywhere within the United States.

Sling TV is another affordable option for sports fans with a $25 a month price tag which includes a 7-day free trial. A free trial is also available with fuboTV who will allow users to stream the Super Bowl in 4k.

A popular choice for many fans is to stream the Super Bowl is with Hulu’s live TV option. Live TV with Hulu is $54.99 a month and in addition to having FOX, allows users to stream many live TV channels. In addition, YouTube TV offers similar options and is 49.99 a month.

AT&T starts at $65 a month and includes FOX, and Vidgo is also an option starting at $39.99 a month.

However sports bettors wish to stream Super Bowl 54, there should be an option for them.

Why Stream The Super Bowl?

While bettors can place pre-game wagers and wait until the end of the game to see whether or not their bet panned out, live-betting is magnified for this particular game.

For the hundreds of bets that are available before the game even begins, there will be many more once the teams kickoff.

Being able to stream the game gives bettors a chance to see how the game is being played out and how the teams are performing which gives them an option to hedge their original bet, double down on that bet, or even find new betting lines as well.

Having a reliable streaming service is also crucial because live betting odds for Super Bowl 54 will open, possibly shift, and close in a matter of minutes. Certain odds only last for a single play like weather or not a kicker will make a field goal.

Any of the options previously mentioned should be quick and reliable enough to handle streaming the Super Bowl. This helps bettors avoid any lag time so they don’t miss out on any in-game wagering opportunities.

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