Hard Rock Stadium To Use Eco-Friendly Cups For Super Bowl

  • The Super Bowl will serve beer to fans out of an environmentally-friendly cup.
  • Made out of aluminum, the cups are made in partnership with Budweiser.
  • The Super Bowl will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium, where the cups have been distributed prior.

MIAMI – The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events hosted by the NFL each year. But with the sheer number of people in attendance and the amount of discarded trash, the NFL has taken note and increased its stainability efforts.

Known as NFL Green, they have had an award-winning environmental program for more than 10 years now, but this year features one major change.

Fans at the Super Bowl looking to enjoy a cold beer while watching their favorite team play will get to enjoy it using the environmentally friendly cups. The cups are made out of aluminum and are expected to bring in a new outlook on the damages made to the environment during NFL games.

The game will be held in Miami Gardens at the Hard Rock Stadium, which was the first stadium to use them. The Miami Dolphins, the team that plays at Hard Rock Stadium, were the first to actually launch the all-new eco-friendly cups that were made in partnership with Budweiser.

By 2020, Hard Rock Stadium plans to eliminate 99.4% of single-use plastics.

These cups are taking the place of the thousands of plastic cups that were formally used at the stadium. Aside from football, the cups are planned to be used at every sporting and non-sporting event held at Hard Rock.

The NFL Goes Green

For the last decade, the Dolphins have come up with a content strategy making the decision to increase digital revenue, ticket revenue, and maintain a clean environment.

“I’m fortunate enough to be in a leadership position and I have a responsibility to lead,” said Tom Garfinkel, the CEO of both the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium. “I’m fortunate to have an owner (Stephen Ross) who is passionate about climate change and these initiatives.”

Aluminum is the most sustainable beverage packaging material used for spectators and many hope the plans to expand it across the National Football League are held to a high standard.

There is no doubt that the environmentally-friendly aluminum cups were added to the NFL Green program in order to increase responsible efforts and minimize waste to go green.

The Super Bowl matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is scheduled for February 2, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. EST on FOX. Though many will be partaking in adult beverages during the game, the environmentally-friendly cups that will be used are a major step forward for NFL sustainability.

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