Line Shopping Super Bowl TD Odds: Cooper Kupp, Ja’Marr Chase

  • Cooper Kupp has -180 odds to score a touchdown on
  • Ja’Marr Chase has -110 odds to score a touchdown on Bovada.
  • Cooper Kupp has -240 odds to score a touchdown on MyBookie.

LOS ANGELES – When it comes to betting on the touchdown scorers at Super Bowl 56, it is best to find the odds that offer the most value for the money bet. Line shopping anytime touchdown odds is a valuable way to maximize the profits that can be made.

Two players in particular that have different anytime touchdown odds on several Super Bowl online sportsbooks are Cooper Kupp and Ja’Marr Chase.

Line Shopping Cooper Kupp Touchdown Odds

Cooper Kupp TD Odds – Bovada

  • Yes -190

Cooper Kupp TD Odds – SportsBetting

  • Yes -180

Cooper Kupp TD Odds – MyBookie

  • Yes -240

Cooper Kupp’s prop odds to score a touchdown are very valuable being that he leads the NFL in touchdowns this year with 16 as well as redzone targets (36) and completions (25). With that, there is expected to be tons of action on his odds across all online sportsbooks. However, before placing bets, it is best to find which odds offer the biggest payout.

When betting in $100 units, the odds at SportsBetting would offer the biggest payout $55. Bovada’s odds are not far behind with just a $3 payout different at $52.

With the longest TD odds, MyBookie is at an eye-opening -240 which only offers a $41 payout on a $100 wager. With that, It is clear that SportsBetting and Bovada offer the highest payouts if Cooper Kupp were to score a touchdown.

Line Shopping Ja’Marr Chase Touchdown Odds

Ja’Marr Chase TD Odds – Bovada

  • Yes -110

Ja’Marr Chase TD Odds – SportsBetting

  • Yes +115

Ja’Marr Chase TD Odds – MyBookie

  • Yes -120

Moving over to Chase’s odds and they also offer tremendous value as he led the Cincinnati Bengals in touchdowns with 13 on the season, redzone completions (11), and redzone touchdowns (5).

Looking at the odds that are being offered for Chase on the different online sportsbooks, SportsBetting is offering the most value here as well with plus odds at +115. $100 would profit bettors $115 if and when Chase scores a touchdown. Bovada’s payout is not far behind with a $91 payout while MyBookie is even further at $83.

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