Is There Value In Betting Cross-Sports Super Bowl Props?

  • Certain online books are offering cross-sports prop bets for the Super Bowl, like -300 betting odds for the total touchdowns in the game to exceed Tiger Woods’ total birdies in the first round of the Masters.
  • Other odds ask if the total first-half passing yards of the Super Bowl (-200) will be more than the total game points of the upcoming Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets NBA game (+150).

LAS VEGASSuper Bowl betting props are routinely some of the most obscure and unique betting opportunities on the calendar year.

After all, there isn’t any other event that draws enough attention to have thousands of people readily betting on things like the halftime show, commercials, and celebrity appearances.

Now, certain online sportsbooks are appealing to fans of not just the NFL, but other sports as well with a new series of cross-sport prop bets.

These bets deal with different instances in the Super Bowl and then connects them to future major sporting event outcomes.

The result is some of the most unique and fun Super Bowl prop bets currently on the market. Taking a closer look at these odds currently available on the online Super Bowl sportsbooks can yield some profitable outcomes.

What will be higher?

  • Total TD's in Super Bowl LV -300
  • Total 1st Round Birdies by Tiger in US Masters +200

The first example puts the number of total touchdowns in the game up against golf legend Tiger Woods.

The NFL has scored more touchdowns this season than ever before, and that will likely extend to the Super Bowl with multiple high-powered offenses still in the mix.

With teams regularly scoring in the 30’s this season, seeing over six or seven touchdowns is not out of the realm of possibility.

On the other hand, Woods only managed four first-round birdies in his 2020 Masters appearance. When Tiger won the Masters in 2019, he again only hit four birdies in the opening round.

It appears the bookies have this fairly pegged at -300.

What will be higher?

  • Total 1st Half Passing Yards in Super Bowl LV -200
  • Total Game points 76ers vs Nets +150

The next wager deals with the NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers to be held on February 6, and compares it with first-half passing yards in the Super Bowl.

Passing yards have seen an uptick in 2020, and with the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady still around, it will be in abundance at the upcoming Super Bowl.

All of the four remaining QBs average over 250 passing yards per game in 2020. Implying that they at least get to 250, that is 125 yards in the first half for each QB.

Obviously, teams in the lead are more inclined to run the ball and passing will increase in the second half for the trailing team For generalization purposes, 250 total passing yards between both QBs in the first half is a fair number.

The Nets and the Sixers played once already this season, with the Nets winning 122 to 109 for a total of 231 points. Those teams are easily capable of putting up 125 each, but taking the first half Super Bowl yards seems like the safer bet.

What will be higher?

  • Total Punts in Super Bowl LV -145
  • Total 1st Round Aces by Djokovic in AO +105

This is a fun one, with tennis star Novak Djokovic being the target of the Super Bowl betting sites.

All of the teams remaining in the playoffs averaged less than four punts a game in 2020, so one can expect the total punts in the Super Bowl to be around six or seven between both teams.

Comparatively, Djokovic averages 6.7 aces per match over his career in the first round of grand slam tournaments and rattled off 16 in the second round of last year’s Australian Open.

As the data shows, this is a very close bet that will have anyone who wagers on it following the game in a very unique way. With that said, the value is on Djokovic to have the higher number.

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