Is It Better To Bet Super Bowl Odds Early Or Late?

  • There have been seven teams that won with odds of +1000 or longer during the preseason from 2009-2021.
  • Three Super Bowl winning teams’ odds changed from the preseason to Week 16, with a significant lengthen in odds.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Super Bowl 57 may not be for another nine months, but preseason odds have already dropped and are available to bet on.
Finding great early odds is exciting but it is beneficial to consider that the average odds for the last 13 Super Bowl winners in the preseason were +1342 (range of +600 to +2000)

Following a crazy offseason, teams saw odds jump for Super Bowl 57 betting after the acquisition or loss of players. The Bucs odds increased after Tom Brady came out of a short retirement, and the Broncos saw a heavy increase with the signing of Russel Wilson.

Odds To Win Super Bowl 57

  • Buffalo +650
  • Tampa Bay +700
  • Green Bay +1000
  • Kansas City +1000
  • LA Rams +1000
  • LA Chargers +1400
  • Denver +1600

Odds Changing Mid-Season

Even with these odds, past years have demonstrated that odds will change as the season plays out. Sometimes, there are better odds during the middle of the regular season, or even right before the playoffs begin.

Super Bowl Winners With Longer Odds Later In The Season

Team Preseason Odds Odds Later In Season
2020 Bucs 1000 +1800 (Week 6)
2019 Cheifs 600 +1400 (Week 10)
2018 Pats 600 +800 Weeks 4,12,16)
2015 Broncos 900 +1200 (Week 16)
2014 Pats 650 +1000 (Week 8)
2012 Ravens 1800 +3000 (Week 16)
2011 Giants 2200 +5000 (Week 14)
2010 Packers 1100 +2800 (Week 16)

There have been three Super Bowl Champions whose odds increased in length from the preseason to Week 16, offering much higher payouts. Also, by waiting to bet, there’s opportunity to see how each team has played together through regular season games.

Past Super Bowl Winners With Long Preseason Odds

  • 2021 Rams +1200
  • 2017 Eagles +4000
  • 2016 Pats +600
  • 2013 Seahawks +800
  • 2009 Saints +2000

For 2022-2023, if the Chiefs, Rams, or Packers, (currently at +1000) all won their division, (they are all favored) their odds could start to shrink to win it all.

Therefore, better odds could have been taken advantage of before the season.

If bettors do not jump on these odds, they could shrink dramatically in a matter of weeks.

Winners Whose Odds Moved The Most

Team Preseason Odds Odds After Week Of Drop Week Of 50% Drop
2009 Saints 2000 +400 (-80%) Week 4
2016 Pats 600 +140 (-77%) Week 8
2013 Seahawks 800 +250 (-69%) Week 4
2014 Pats 650 +250 (-62%) Week 16
2017 Eagles 4000 +1500 (-62%) Week 6

Deciding When To Wager On The Winner

There are also cases where a team’s odds stay the same from preseason to the start of the playoffs. The 2018 Patriots and the 2011 Giants won the Super Bowl with the same exact preseason odds that they still had heading into the Wild Card round.

At the end of the day, there are many teams that have all the pieces to win the Super Bowl 57 who have favorable odds. Using Super Bowl betting sites to wager on them before the season starts adds excitement.

If bettors feel more comfortable waiting and watching the season play out first, past trends have also shown that they could still receive great odds on the potential Super Bowl winner.

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