Forget Buying Points: Sell Them Betting On The Titans Vs Ravens

  • The Baltimore Ravens were 4-4 against the spread in the regular season at home this year.
  • The Tennessee Titans are averaging over 31 points per game in their last eight contests.
  • With the offense of the Titans, bettors are encouraged to wager on alternate playoff betting lines.

BALTIMORE – Sports bettors are keen to certain numbers when betting on football, especially the NFL. Taking a team -3.5 or -7.5 always seems like a nightmare, which somehow convinces bettors to buy points in their favor.

While this can remove the hook, it makes the wager more expensive and creates a losing situation for the gambler over time. However, selling points is when a bettor moves the line in the opposite direction, which in turn increases the odds.

It is generally difficult to hit; however, certain offshore sports betting sites can offer betting situations on the NFL that are just too enticing. A prime example of that is this week in the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens game.

Betting An Alternate Line On The Titans

The Titans are underdogs by 10 points, which is always a large margin in the NFL. While the Ravens have covered their fair share of spread this year, they have also won nine games by nine or more points this season.

Still, the Ravens haven’t played in roughly three weeks and the Titans are coming in hot. With the Titans averaging nearly 32 points a game over their last eight, they might be able to keep up with the high-powered Ravens offense.

Instead of taking the Titans +10, bettors should look to bet on the Titans using an alternate line. Moving the line to Titans +7, bettors would be receiving odds of +125 rather than -110. This extra field goal may be the final result of the game, but it is more likely that a bettor would be able to hedge their wager during live betting action.

For those who are more believing in the Titans’ magical run, they might consider removing an entire touchdown from the original betting line. Sitting at Titans +3, the Super Bowl betting sportsbooks offer odds of +235.

One cannot stress enough the importance of receiving the best odds for NFL games, as the cost of the wager is only half of the battle in sports betting.

For this weekend of NFL divisional games, two of the spreads are near or at double-digits while another is nearing a full touchdown. As the spreads grow wider, bettors should never hesitate to hop on the alternate lines bringing for their benefit. It almost seems like a no-brainer.

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