Early Super Bowl Prop Odds Posted On Sportsbooks

  • The AFC has -190 odds to win the Super Bowl, primarily due to the Chiefs.
  • The longest score of the game odds look even, with some shading towards Touchdown.
  • With a 3.5 point spread, both the AFC and NFC have -120 odds of winning.

LAS VEGAS - It’s Week 14 of the NFL season, fantasy football playoffs are in full swing, and the sportsbooks have added a little treat - Super Bowl props!

It’s getting to be that time of year, and that means that early Super Bowl props are available already.

Super Bowl Conference Betting

To start out with, a simple wager on which conference will win the Super Bowl, with a spread:


  • AFC -3.5 -120
  • NFC +3.5 -120

This is quite interesting, and looks to reflect the existence of the Chiefs, who are currently +200 to win the Super Bowl in futures betting.

Here’s what those odds look like right now:

Super Bowl 55 Winner

  • Kansas City Chiefs +200
  • New Orleans Saints +500
  • Green Bay Packers +800
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +800
  • Los Angeles Rams +900
  • Seattle Seahawks +1500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1500
  • Buffalo Bills +1600

The odds are evenly split for the most part, but the Chiefs far outstrip their NFC counterpart in the New Orleans Saints.

For this reason, it seems likely that the Chiefs are moving these odds.

The same is true of the moneyline conference odds:

Super Bowl Winner

  • AFC -190
  • NFC +145

The AFC at -190 would be good value if one thinks that the Chiefs would be more favored than that in the actual Super Bowl.

If not, it’s best to stay away from this one.

Longest Score Of Game

Super Bowl LV - What Will Be The Longest Score Of Game?

  • Touchdown -125
  • Field Goal -115

Here’s another wager that could be influenced by the Chiefs, especially Tyreek Hill, who is known for long receptions.

This is more or less a bet on the explosiveness of the offenses involved in the game, and right now, with the Chiefs leading the odds, there’s going to be a lot of explosiveness.

Super Bowl LV - How Many Players Will Have A Passing Attempt?

  • Over 2.5 -105
  • Under 2.5 -135

Now here’s an interesting wager. This is effectively a bet on whether or not one of two things will occur.

An injury to a quarterback, causing a backup to come in.

A trick play along the lines of the Philly Special.

One potential wrinkle is the New Orleans Saints, who routinely use Taysom Hill and Drew Brees in the same game at QB.

Hill often runs the ball when Brees is starting, making the play predictable, but perhaps after getting experience as the starter he will be a better passer in those situations.

As always, there are more wagers on the sportsbooks, but these look like the most intriguing of the bunch.

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