Detroit Lions Favored To Make History, Go Winless In 17 Games

  • The Detroit Lions have +250 odds to finish the season without a win.
  • The Minnesota Vikings (+275), Denver Broncos (+350) and Atlanta Falcons (+350) are the team’s best chances to get a win.
  • The Lions would become the first team to go winless in a 17-game season.

DETROIT – The Detroit Lions have been the last remaining winless team in the NFL for quite a while and the odds now favor them to finish the regular season without a win.

Lions Favored To Go Winless

The Detroit Lions were never through to be a good team entering the season, but even their biggest doubters would’ve said it’s unlikely the team goes winless - even NFL betting sites.

Lions First Win Odds

  • No Wins +250
  • Minnesota Vikings (Week 13) +275
  • Denver Broncos (Week 14) +350
  • Atlanta Falcons (Week 16) +350
  • Seattle Seahawks (Week 17) +1000
  • Arizona Cardinals (Week 15) +1400
  • Green Bay Packers (Week 18) +1800

The Lions have been in a good position to win football games on more than one occasion this season with five of their 10 losses coming by just one possession, not including the tie. Four of their losses have been by three or fewer points, showing they’re often competitive.

Given that they’ve had a real chance to win four or more games, one of these weeks they have to get lucky. The Atlanta Falcons in Week 16 seems like a good option as the team currently allows the second-most points per game while also having a bottom-five scoring offense.

Finding Value In The Odds

Even bettors who don’t believe the Lions will beat the Minnesota Vikings this week may want to look into taking the Vikings to be the team’s first win. Those betting on the NFL can find the +275 odds as a better option than Detroit’s moneyline on the game line itself.

Vikings vs Lions Moneyline Odds

  • Minnesota Vikings -330
  • Detroit Lions +265

If the Lions were to go winless, they'd be the first team since the 2017 Cleveland Browns to finish the season without a win. However, it'd be the third time in franchise history as it happened to Detroit in both 2008 and 1942.

The Lions were the first time to go winless in a 16-game season and are on their way to becoming the first to do so in a 17-game season as well.

The game against the Vikings is set to begin at 1 p.m. EST and can be seen on CBS.

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