Could The Buffalo Bills Host A Super Bowl In Their New Stadium?

  • The NFL will allow cities to bid on hosting the Super Bowl.
  • There are reports on the Buffalo Bills building a new stadium.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — With the NFL season just a few months out, the NFL has announced a rule change to how the league decides where the Super Bowl is held.

Starting in 2023, the NFL will open up a bidding process for the NFL Draft Combine, the NFL Draft, and the Super Bowl in which different NFL cities can bid on holding one of these events.

Although the league has made a bidding process, the locations for three of the next four Super Bowl’s have already been set as Super Bowl 56 will be in Los Angeles, 57 will be in Phoenix, 58 does not have a location just yet, and 59 will be in New Orleans.

One thing to know about past Super Bowl locations is that they are usually held in southern states and states that do not experience cold weather during the Super Bowl time being that most northern states experience sometimes bone-chilling weather.

One team that has made it loud and clear that they will make an effort to host a future Super Bowl are the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have also announced that they will be looking to build a new stadium in the near future in downtown Orchard Park.

The growing theme for NFL teams that either build new stadiums or go through major renovations is that they awarded the hosts of a near-future Super Bowl. The last four Super Bowls have been hosted by teams whose stadiums were either built or renovated in the last ten years.

With that said, whenever the Bills alleged new stadium is ready to open, it should not take long for them to see a Super Bowl coming their way.

One thing that has also been made known by the Bills Mafia is that if they are going to host a Super Bowl in their own stadium, they want to be a part of it and they most certainly have what it takes to be a part of it.

Where they stand right now, the Bills have the third shortest odds to win the Super Bowl at +1200 and have the second shortest odds to win the AFC Championship at +600.

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