Could Arizona’s Regulated Sports Betting Boost SB57 Betting?

  • Super Bowl 57 will take place in Arizona, at the Cardinals’ stadium.
  • Arizona regulated sports betting recently, and this is the first year the Super Bowl will be held in a state with regulated sports betting.
  • Bettors wagered more than $7 billion on the Super Bowl in 2021.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - Super Bowl 57 will be held in the Arizona Cardinals’ stadium, State Farm Stadium.

This stadium has proven to be one of the most popular betting destinations according to betting data tracking firm GeoComply.

GeoComply notes that State Farm Stadium is “near the top of GeoComply’s analysis of transaction volumes coming from NFL stadiums.

They go on to mention that Arizona will become the first state with regulated sports betting to host the Super Bowl.

The implication is that since State Farm Stadium is already a betting hotspot, there will be an even bigger economic impact to the area than a normal Super Bowl could bring.

Anna Sainsbury, the CEO of GeoComply, pointed out that the data represents good things for states that regulated sports betting.

“Seeing data from many of these games that shows more than 10 percent of NFL fans in stadiums are engaging with licensed sportsbooks is a clear win for states that choose to regulate sports betting,” Sainsbury said.

She continued: “This wealth of data is so important for lawmakers and sports leagues to determine sports betting policies in their states and at their stadiums.”

There is one wrinkle in this data – the game that put the Cardinals near the top of the GeoComply betting volume list featured them taking on the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s possible that some of this volume was driven by the presence of the Chiefs, and the anticipation of a great matchup.

Still, this does mark the first year that the Super Bowl will be held in a state with regulated sports betting, which is a notable milestone in itself.

In 2021, bettors were expected to wager more than $7 billion on the Super Bowl in regulated markets.

It will be interesting to see if the presence of the big game in Arizona changes that Super Bowl Betting calculus in any way in 2022.

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