Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Super Bowl 57 Betting Guide

  • The Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl(+2200), AFC Championship(+1100), and AFC North(+180) odds are all shorter than last year and for good reason considering their success.

  • Cincinnati is likely to field an improved team in 2022, but given the difficulty of the second half of their schedule, it may be wise to focus on player props.
  • Betting the over for the Bengals player props may be a strong bet given the difficulty of the schedule and the fact that many of the props are regressions from last year despite one less game.

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Bengals bettors may not be getting the same large payouts that were available last season, but 2022 season Cincinnati Bengals bettors will surely be betting with more confidence following last season's playoff run.

Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Odds

  • Odds To Win Super Bowl 57: +2200
  • AFC Championship Odds: +1100
  • AFC North Winner Odds: +180

Betting On The Cincinnati Bengals In 2022

After overcoming some of the longest odds in all the NFL last season, other teams and NFL bettors league-wide are expecting much more from the Cincinnati Bengals next season. That point was only further cemented by Cincinnati’s offseason that saw them add likely three new starters to what was a below-average offensive line last season. The signing of those likely starters, Alex Cappa, Ted Karras, and La'el Collins, were considered strong enough that Pro Football Focus gave the Bengals' offseason grade an "A".

That improved offensive line is very likely to prove necessary this upcoming season, as the Bengals have the third hardest strength of schedule, with their opponents’ average win percentage at .536.

The Bengals strength of schedule does not truly indicate how difficult their season is. Up until the Bengals’ bye week in Week 10, the Bengals will have played two teams with a winning record in 2021. After their bye week, the Bengals play eight games. Of those eight games, only two are against teams with below .500 records last season, the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns.

The Ravens are the AFC North favorite over the Bengals with +135 odds, and when the Bengals play the Browns in Week 14, Deshaun Watson will have completed his suspension.

Betting The Over On The Bengals Player Props Based On Their Finishing Schedule

With such a daunting second-half schedule next season, it may be a wonder that Super Bowl sportsbooks have projected many of the Bengals key players to have statistically worse seasons in 2022 than in 2021.

The Bengals starters such as Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, and Ja'Marr Chase were all held out by the team to prevent injury in the final game, which is likely not to be the case in 2022 given that schedule difficulty.

With that in mind, it may be worth betting the over on many of the player props for the Cincinnati Bengals given that they are nearly all regressions from last season's stats that were put up in fewer games.

Joe Burrow Player Props

  • Joe Burrow 2021 Statistics: 34 Touchdowns, 4611 Passing Yards, 14 Interceptions
  • Passing Touchdowns: 33.5 (Over: -120, Under: -110)
  • Passing Yards: 4400.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Interceptions: 12.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Regular Season MVP: +1200

Ja'Marr Chase Preseason Player Props

  • Ja'Marr Chase 2021 Statistics: 13 Touchdowns, 1455 Receiving Yards, 81 Receptions
  • Reception Touchdowns: 10.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Receiving Yards: 1222.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Receptions: 84.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Offensive Player Of The Year Award Winner: +2500

Joe Mixon Preseason Player Props

  • Joe Mixon 2021 Stats: 13 Touchdowns, 1205 Rushing Yards, 1519 Total Yards
  • Joe Mixon Rushing Touchdowns: 10.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Rushing Yards: 1100.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Total Yards(Rushing + Receiving): 1400.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • League Leader In Rushing Touchdowns: +900
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