Chubb, Hunt Underdogs To Both Be 1000 Yard Rushers

  • Nick Chubb has recorded 719 rushing yards on the season, 13 more than Kareem Hunt.
  • Only seven teams have seen two players rush for 1000 yards in the same season.

CLEVELAND – With eight wins behind them the Cleveland Browns have officially set in as a team that will finish 500 or better. This will be the first time the Browns have the luxury of saying this since 2007 when they finished with a 10-6 record.

Much of their success has come from the defense, while much of it has also come from their pair of running backs.

Both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt lead the backfield for the Browns, totaling 1425 yards or 80.3% of the team’s rushing total. The duo is sitting rather evenly split, with Chubb leading the group at 719 yards to Chubbs’ 706.

Despite playing in four fewer games, Chubb has taken the reigns of the group, but nobody is wanting to point that out.

Simply, the duo is performing and the Browns will take the success as both rushers inch closer to that 1000-yard marker for the season.

However, can both reach this mark? Odds at online betting sites like BetOnline favor that it won’t happen.

Chubb And Hunt To Surpass 1000 Rushing Yards:

  • No -200
  • Yes +150

With five games remaining, the pairing would have to average just over 55 yards each for every game – a very doable feat. Needing 56.2 (Chubb) and 58.6 (Hunt) yards per game, the duo could join a very exclusive and elite company.

Teams With 2 1000-Yard Rushers In A Season:

  • 1972 – Miami Dolphins: Larry Csonka (1,117) and Mercury Morris (1,000)
  • 1976 – Pittsburgh Steelers: Franco Harris (1,128) and Rocky Bleier (1,036)
  • 1985 – Cleveland Browns: Kevin Mack (1,104) and Earnest Byner (1,002)
  • 2006 – Atlanta Falcons: Warrick Dunn (1,140) and Michael Vick (1,039)
  • 2008 – New York Giants: Brandon Jacobs (1,089) and Derrick Ward (1,025)
  • 2009 – Carolina Panthers: Jonathan Stewart (1,133) and DeAngelo Williams (1,117)
  • 2019 – Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson (1,206) and Mark Ingram Jr. (1,018)

Teams with two 1000-yard rushers may seem like a shoo-in for success; however, there is no correlation between a duo’s rushing yardage and success.

The Super Bowl winning 1972 Miami Dolphins and one-and-done 1976 Steelers may have shown some success in the playoffs; however, no team with two 1000-yard rushers have performed well in the last 45 years.

Of the remaining five reams mentioned, three of them (1985 Browns, 2008 Giants, and 2019 Ravens) lost in the first round of the playoffs while two (2006 Falcons and 2009 Panthers) failed to even make the playoffs.

Still, the Browns are sitting quite favorably (-350) to finish the season in the playoffs. With an expanded position in the Wild Card and the threat of having an eight-team make it due to COVID, the expensive odds are worth the bait.

However, one worrying factor in the Browns’ upcoming schedule, which sees three potential AFC playoff teams.

Their schedule is noted as the second toughest amongst the team's fighting for the AFC playoffs.

Browns Remaining Schedule:

  • At Tennessee (8-3)
  • Vs. Baltimore (6-5)
  • At New York Jets (0-11)
  • At New York Giants (4-7)
  • Vs. Pittsburgh (11-0)

While Tennessee and Baltimore could result in some losses, the Browns still face off against the two New York teams, who are sitting a combined 4-18 on the year. While the odds for the Browns to make the playoffs could grow shorter in the next two weeks, it seems safe that they will be able to get it done this year.

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