Can George Kittle’s Home Gym Help Him Smash His Over-Under Prop?

  • Prop bets for George Kittle’s receiving yards place the over/under at 1075.5 yards.
  • The All-Pro tight end is looking to have another monster season after making the Super Bowl in 2019.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – After a dominant 2019 campaign saw San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle break the receiving record for tight ends, Kittle is out to prove that he can be a mainstay target in the league for years to come.

After missing two games with injuries last season, Kittle still racked up 1053 receiving yards to the tune of 85 catches and five touchdowns.

Kittle’s receiving yards prop for the 2020 season is set right on the mark at 1075.5 yards.

San Francisco 49ers – George Kittle – 2020-2021 Regular Season Receiving Yards:

  • Over 1075.5 -115
  • Under 1075.5 -115

Kittle is looking to prove he can keep up the productivity even after getting paid.

Kittle is set to receive a massive contract extension this offseason after earning pennies on the dollar for the last two years.

To stay in top shape during the pandemic, Kittle has taken to building an extravagant home gym that has taken social media by storm.

"I think most people are jealous of mine because mine’s definitely the prettiest, and definitely the grittiest, too,” said Kittle regarding his new gym.

While most players are having to make do with the current situation, Kittle was following the pandemic news since early February and was prepared to spend extended time at home before the official quarantine announcements came through.

“I think the offseason, it’s an offseason, but it’s where you can excel and where you can pass guys,” Kittle said. “It’s something I always take super serious. So the fact that I can customize my own home gym, and all the other stuff, it’s definitely been really fun for me. It’s a new playroom.”

Time will tell if Kittle’s preparedness will turn into repeated production on the field and help his team return to the Super Bowl.

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