Can A Wild Card Team Make It To The Super Bowl And Win?

  • Super Bowl 55 will take place on February 7, from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
  • Sportsbooks have posted wagers on whether any of the twelve Wild Card teams will make it to the final game and win.

NEW YORK – Most teams playing in the Wild Card Weekend have had some pretty great seasons when comparing them to the teams that solidified their spots in the playoffs but can a Wild Card team get all the way to the Super Bowl and be the crowned champions in the end?

Sportsbooks like BetOnline have wagers up for the odds of this happening that gamblers can bet on right now. Sports betting websites  have posted two wagers about the Wild Card possibilities.

Will a Wild Card team make the Super Bowl?

  • No (-200)
  • Yes (+150)


Will a Wild Card team win the Super Bowl?

  • No (-500)
  • Yes (+300)

Betting on the Super Bowl has already begun. With so much evenly matched talent going into the playoffs, oddsmakers are betting on the teams that didn’t require a Wild Card shot to be the ones that will make it to the Super Bowl and win. But with the playing field being at a “4th and inches” type of situation between all the teams playing to get to the Championship, whoever makes it to Tampa for the final and wins it will be a 4th and inches kind of gamble and sports bettors will be the head coaches who determine whether or not to go for it.

Wild Card Weekend Matchups

The Indianapolis Colts (+245) will be playing the Buffalo Bills (-290). The Colts have a season record of 11-5 while the Buffalo Bills are 13-3. The Bills have been doing an amazing job recently at getting TDs on the board, making them a team that could easily make their way to the Super Bowl and even win it if they continue playing at this level.

The Los Angeles Rams (+165) go up against the Seattle Seahawks (-190) this weekend. The Rams have a record of 10-6 and the Seahawks will be entering the game with a 12-4 season. Seattle is typically a team that is seen in the NFL postseason, even making it to the championship a few times. They are an organization that cannot be ruled out if their team’s history is any indication.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-415) will meet the Washington Football Team (+335) in their quest to get to Super Bowl 55. Tampa is at 11-5 and Washington is at 7-9, not exactly a fair matchup. And with the notorious championship-winning quarterback Tom Brady playing for the Bucs, he could lead them all the way to the final as he did for the New England Patriots so many times before.

The Baltimore Ravens (-177) will faceoff with the Tennessee Titans (+157). The Ravens and the Titans both have 11-5 season records making this anyone’s game. In their last meeting with the Titans on November 22, the Ravens lost in OT with a score of 30-24.

The Chicago Bears (+395) have their Wild Card showdown with the New Orleans Saints (-500). Having the Bears entering the game with a season of 8-8, it's no wonder they’re the underdogs to the heavily favored Saints who are 12-4. The Saints could march their way all the way down to the Super Bowl if they beat Chicago first on their path to get there.

The Cleveland Browns (+210) find themselves playing the Pittsburgh Steelers (-250) for the second weekend in a row. The Browns are 11-5 and the Steelers are 12-4. In their last game, Cleveland edged out Pittsburgh by 2 points having a final score of 24-22.

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