By States, California Favored To Win Super Bowl 57

  • California has +350 odds to win the Super Bowl and it includes the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, and San Francisco 49ers.
  • New York has +550 odds to win the Super Bowl as they host the Buffalo Bills.
  • There are +650 odds on the Super Bowl winning team being from Florida in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins.

LOS ANGELES – While the futures odds for Super Bowl 57 have been open since the start of the offseason, there have been more and more SB57 props coming to life including odds on the winning state.

The state of California has the shortest odds of any state favorite to win Super Bowl 57 at +350 odds being that all three teams sit with odds under +2000.

Super Bowl Winning State Odds

  • Any Other State +135
  • California +350
  • New Jersey/New York +550
  • Florida +650
  • Ohio +800
  • Texas +1400
  • Pennsylvania +2000
  • Maryland / Washington, D.C. +2000

California Super Bowl Odds

Backing California’s Super Bowl 57 odds is that the Los Angeles Rams (+1100), Los Angeles Chargers (+1400), and San Francisco 49ers (+1600) all sit in the top-10 shortest SB57 odds. All three of them have odds stronger than -150 to make the playoffs as well.

Each of these teams are in a great spot to make a run this season.

The Rams, for the obvious reason of being the defending Super Bowl champs, the 49ers for being the NFC Champion runner-ups, and the Chargers have made win-now moves in the offseason.

Where the real value comes in here is that these odds give you a chance to win from both conferences.

New York Super Bowl Odds

While New York has the second shortest odds, there is just one real threat to win the Super Bowl from the state and that is the Buffalo Bills (+600) who are the current favorites to win the championship. The other two teams in New York, the New York Jets (+12500) and New York Giants (+12500), are nowhere near contention for a Super Bowl.

In terms of the value, one is better off taking the Bills +600 odds to win the Super Bowl rather than +550 state odds. This is a way to maximize the profit made being that Buffalo is the only contender in the state.

Florida Super Bowl Odds

Florida offers tons of value being that the three teams in the state, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+700), Miami Dolphins (+4000), and Jacksonville Jaguars (+12500), all sit at different ends of the SBLVII odds board. This gives bettors an opportunity to cash on the Super Bowl from different parts of the odds board.

The Buccaneers have the second shortest odds overall to win the Super Bowl. With that, taking these odds offers just $50 less than the Bucs original odds on a $100 bet, but bettors would get three chances to win.

Any Other State

These odds are the shortest on the odds board being that it is any team that isn’t in one of the states included on the odds board. That includes the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers, both of which have +1000 odds. Other contenders with these odds include the Indianapolis Colts (+2200), Philadelphia Eagles (+2500), and the Arizona Cardinals (+2500).

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