Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds Take A Hit Following MNF Loss

  • The Buffalo Bills lost to the Tennessee Titans during their Monday Night Football Week 6 matchup.
  • The Buffalo Bills Super Bowl odds have shifted from +550 to +600 since the loss.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans put on a spectacular performance to close out Week 6 of the NFL season. The Titans came out on top with a 34-31 win in an explosive fashion behind Derrick Henry’s 143-yard, 3-touchdown game.

With the conclusion of the game, oddsmakers have shifted both teams' odds to win Super Bowl 56. The Bills took a step back while the Titans jumped forward.

Super Bowl 56 Odds

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +500
  • Buffalo Bills +700
  • Kansas City Chiefs +700
  • Los Angeles Rams +800
  • Arizona Cardinals +850
  • Green Bay Packers +900
  • Baltimore Ravens +1000
  • Dallas Cowboys +1200
  • Cleveland Browns +2200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +2200
  • Tennessee Titans +2200
  • New Orleans Saints +3500

Bills Odds Cool Off

The Buffalo Bills went into Week 6 with a 4-1 record and were tied for the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl at +550. Following the loss, the Bills have seen their odds take a slight hit, moving down to +700.

With the Bills' odds moving backward after their loss, it opens up a great opportunity to bet on them for longer odds as a $100 wager would profit $700 if they were to win the Super Bowl. Backing up their odds even more for the rest of the season is that they have the easiest schedule remaining amongst any team in the NFL, as their opponents have a combined record of 23-39.

Titans Get Hefty Push

The Tennessee Titans, more specifically Derrick Henry, put the league on notice for Monday Night Football's showing. Going into the game, the Titans Super Bowl odds were set at +2800, but with their win, they moved down to +2200.

Similar to the Bills would be making now the opportunity to get in on their odds before they potentially get any shorter throughout the season as their upcoming schedule ranks as the second-easiest. Their future opponents have a combined record of 24-40.

Betting $100 on the Titans to win the Super Bowl would pay out $2,200 in profit right now.

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