Bovada, MyBookie Offer Plus Odds on SB57 National Anthem Odds

  • There are +145 odds for Chris Stapleton to go over 2:07 in the National Anthem on Bovada.
  • MyBookie has +110 odds for Stapleton to stay under 2:07.
  • BetOnline has the National Anthem total set at 2:05.

PHOENIX – There have been plenty of storylines surrounding Chris Stapleton’s first ever public National Anthem singing and how to bet on it but none are bigger than being able to get plus money on both the over and under or even guaranteeing a profit.

Bovada and MyBookie, two of the top Super Bowl betting sites on the market have Stapleton’s total time to sing the anthem set at 2 minutes and 7 seconds. However, they have different opinions on the over and under.

Bovada National Anthem Odds

  • Over 2:07 +145
  • Under 2:07 -190

MyBookie National Anthem Odds

  • Over 2:07 -150
  • Under 2:07 +110

Bovada has the over listed as the underdog at +145 odds ($100 to win $145) while MyBookie set the under with longer odds at +110 ($100 to win $110).

One way to go about these SB57 National Anthem odds is simple, those that think the over is going to hit can and should take the odds at Bovada for the $145 profit on $100 rather than the -150 ($100 to win $66.67) odds on MyBookie.

All in favor of the under should take the potential $110 profit from MyBookie compared to the steep -190 ($100 to win $52.63) price on Bovada.

There is also a way to guarantee a profit betting on both the over at Bovada and the under at MyBookie. Putting $100 on each would profit at least a $10 profit regardless of the outcome. If the under hits, a $10 profit is made after paying back the $100 from the loss on the over. If the over hits, $45 in profit is made after recuperating the loss from the under.

BetOnline Has Entered The Chat

BetOnline National Anthem Odds

  • Over 2:05 -120
  • Under 2:05 -120

Those that could care less about the odds and just want the lowest possible National Anthem total, BetOnline gives a 2-second cushion at 2:05 which could make all the difference.

Over the last 12 Super Bowls, four of them have seen a 2-second difference or less between the actual time and the projected time.

National Anthem Betting Trends

While Stapleton has never performed the anthem, there are a few betting trends to keep in mind. First is that Stapleton is the third country genre singer in a row to perform the National Anthem and the last two both hit the over by at least 16 seconds.

The over has also hit in five of the last eight Super Bowls too.

Super Bowl National Anthem Time Over 2:07

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