Betting On Food & Drink Specials For Super Bowl 57

  • There are +125 odds for yellow/lime/green liquid to be poured on the winning coach.
  • The total number of beers sold at the Super Bowl is set at 120,000.
  • There is a 17,000 hot dog total set for Super Bowl 57.

PHOENIXSuper Bowl 57 betting props are not just limited to things taking place during the game, but things that have nothing to do with the game as well. Some of the more popular Super Bowl bets that have nothing to do with the game include the color of liquid being poured on the winning coach and different concession sales.

Betting On The Gatorade Color

Color Of Liquid Poured On Winning Coach

  • Lime/Green/Yellow +125
  • Orange +250
  • Purple +650
  • Red +700
  • Clear/Water +700
  • Blue +900

One of the longest-running Super Bowl traditions and most bet on Super Bowl odds is the Gatorade color odds of being poured on the coach. Luckily for those betting on these odds, the main way to be able do research here is on their previous Super Bowl where both teams have won recently. In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles poured yellow liquid while in 2020, orange liquid was poured for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Looking at previous pourings and trends, blue has cashed on Super Bowl 57 sportsbooks in three of the last four Super Bowls.

Concession Stand Betting Odds

Total Number Of Beers Sold

  • Over 120,000 -135
  • Under 120,000 +105

Total Number Of Hot Dogs Sold

  • Over 17,000
  • Under 17,000

There are cases to make for both the over and under on both the beer and hot dog sales totals. Looking at the case for the over, State Farm Stadium is known for having some of the lowest hot dog and beer prices in the NFL with the lowest reported hot dog price at $4.75 and lowest reported beer price at $6.

As for the under, the prices of the beer and hot dogs could rise for the Super Bowl forcing some to eat before or after the game. Sticking with eating before, tailgating will be alive and well for Super Bowl 57 and the parking lots will open as early as 11:30 a.m. With that said, there will be tons of eating and tons of drinking before the game leaving many to use the game as a chance to sober up.

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