Super Bowl 59 Gatorade Shower Odds

Gatorade Shower

One of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets to make is betting on the color of Gatorade that is poured on the winning coach after the game. That is because the odds are keeping you entertained even when the game is finished. One of the best ways to gauge the odds on the color of Gatorade poured is by taking into consideration the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl as well as past trends.

Throughout this page, you will find out anything you need to know about the Super Bowl Gatorade shower odds. You will see which Super Bowl betting sites offer these odds and how you can bet on them. There is also information on both the current odds and which color is favored as well as past results. Overall, this is an enjoyable bet to make that is meant to keep you invested after the game.

Which Color Of Gatorade Is Favored For Super Bowl 59?

Depending on where you are looking to place your Gatorade shower bet, different colors sit at the top of the odds board. On Bovada and MyBookie, an orange Gatorade shower sits at the top of the odds board. BetOnline, on the other hand, has a clear Gatorade shower. The odds on what color Gatorade are usually posted within the coming weeks of the Super Bowl and that is when they are expected to be posted for Super Bowl 59.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting Super Bowl 59 Props
Bovada Sportsbook
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  • $250
BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50%
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  • $1,000
MyBookie Sportsbook
  • 250%
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  • $1,000
Xbet Sportsbook
  • 100%
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Sportsbetting Sportsbook
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History Behind Gatorade Shower

The Gatorade shower is one of the longest-running traditions in Super Bowl history having first started in 1986 at Super Bowl XXI. It happens when players on the winning team take the Gatorade cooler and pour it on their coach after the game is over. It has been such as tradition that Super Bowl betting sites lost odds each year for which color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach.

What Are The Rules For Betting The Gatorade Shower?

The rules for betting on the Gatorade shower could differ depending on which online sportsbook you are using. The first rule to be aware of comes on if the book offers odds or not for no Gatorade shower being done. If the book does not offer odds on a Gatorade shower and no shower is done, the book could either mark it as “no contest” and refund your bet, or they could mark it as a loss. There could also be an instance where there are two Gatorade showers on the winning coach in which they could choose to use the first shower as the winner or payout on both of them.

Where To Bet On The Gatorade Color For Super Bowl 59

The odds on the color Gatorade shower are easily accessible at several online Super Bowl sportsbooks. Sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, or MyBookie all offer odds for the Gatorade shower, however, they might offer different odds for different colors. If you sign up for different online sportsbooks though, you can shop these lines and make the best Super Bowl bet possible.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Best Super Bowl Prop Promotions On The Market

When it comes down to the promotions that online sportsbooks offer for Super Bowl prop betting, Bovada is at the top of the pyramid. They offer their users a 75% Bitcoin deposit match bonus of up to $750 on your first deposit using the code BTCSWB750. For those that are not using Bitcoin or other cryptos to make their first deposit, they offer a 50% match up bonus of up to $250 that will automatically be applied to your account with no promo code needed.

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Quick Transactions With Bitcoin Betting

BetOnline allows quick Bitcoin deposits for bettors who want to place any last-second wagers on the Super Bowl. The after-game props can pay out just as big as the QBs total touchdown over hitting and betting on the Gatorade color can happen right before the game ends. BetOnline helps bettors waste no time with instant Bitcoin deposits that have no fees attached and can be used for all SB59 prop betting.

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Super Bowl Prop Betting For 46 States

MyBookie offers Super Bowl prop betting for 46 US states through their online website that can be accessed on a computer or mobile phone. The legal sportsbook has odds on the Gatorade pour, the halftime show, and actual game props. MyBookie is internationally operated and has legal clearance to offer all of their Super Bowl wagers from bettors in 46 states in the US.

What Are The Typical Odds For The Gatorade Shower?

Odds for the Gatorade bath will almost always offer a big profit. Odds can range anywhere from +150 all the way up to +1200 as seen in recent years and no color has the upper hand on one another. At Super Bowl 55, Blue Gatorade was the winner at +800 odds. At Super Bowl 54, Orange was the winner with +350 odds.

Past Colors For Super Bowl Gatorade Showers

One way to gain knowledge on these odds before placing your bet is by looking at the past Gatorade colors that were poured on the winning coaches. Some notable trends that have come up in recent years include lime/green never being the winning color, clear liquid being the winner in eight of the last 22 years, and orange being the winner in five of the last 22 Super Bowls. Previous colors for the Super Bowl Gatorade shower can be found right here.

Super Bowl: Color: Winning Team: Coach:
56 Blue Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
55 Blue Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Arians
54 Orange Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid
53 Blue New England Patriots Bill Belichick
52 Yellow Philadelphia Eagles Doug Pederson
51 None New England Patriots Bill Belichick
50 Orange Denver Broncos Gary Kubiak
49 Blue New England Patriots Bill Belichick
48 Orange Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll
47 None Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh
46 Purple New York Giants Tom Coughlin
45 Orange Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy
44 Orange New Orleans Saints Sean Payton
43 Yellow Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin
42 Clear New York Giants Tom Coughlin
41 Clear Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy
40 Clear Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher
39 Clear New England Patriots Bill Belichick
38 None New England Patriots Bill Belichick
37 Purple Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jon Gruden
36 None New England Patriots Bill Belichick
35 Yellow Baltimore Ravens Brian Billick