Betting Odds For Tim Tebow To Play In An NFL Game Released

JACKSONVILLE – Tim Tebow reportedly worked out for the Jacksonville Jaguars recently, allegedly attempting to make an NFL return as a tight end. Urban Meyer, the new head coach for the Jaguars, was Tebow’s college coach at the University of Florida.

Tebow last appeared in an NFL game in 2012, was on practice squads as recently as 2015, and has been playing minor league baseball since 2016.

Is There A Chance?

Given the history of Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility. That being said, it’s highly unlikely that a player who has been out of the league for so long and is trying a new position would be able to win a roster spot over other players.

However, the Jaguars could be looking to sell tickets and the addition of Tebow would surely do so. Fans want Trevor Lawrence to get some weapons? How about getting Tim Tebow as his safety net over the middle of the field?

Sports betting sites are not predicting Tebow to appear in a game this year.

Will Tim Tebow Play A Game In The NFL In The 2021/2022 Season Betting Odds

  • Yes +225
  • No -350

While nobody likes to bet on something with -350 odds, many would argue that’s a steal considering how implausible it would be to have Tim Tebow on an NFL roster in 2021. Frankly, there are only two scenarios in which Tebow makes the Jaguars roster. Either as the focus of a publicity stunt or if Meyer plays incredibly heavy favorites when making his roster.

It could potentially take both for this to happen. Save your money and bet on the draft or something that actually makes sense.

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