Betting Alternate Spreads: Packers Vs. Vikings 11 19 2021

  • The Packers are 2-point favorites over the Minnesota Vikings.
  • There are +140 odds for the Packers to cover a 4.5-point alternate spread.

MINNEAPOLIS – The Green Bay Packers will be on the road in Week 11 to take on their NFC North rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Going into the game, the Packers are being seen as 2-point favorites with -110 odds to cover.

While money can be made betting on the given spread, there are also alternate spreads to choose from on NFL sportsbooks.

Green Bay Packers Alternate Lines

Packers Alternate Spreads

  • Packers -4.5 +140
  • Packers -5 +150
  • Packers -5.5 +155
  • Packers -6 +170
  • Packers -6.5 +175

While this is one of the more intimidating division rivalries in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers are far out in front of Minnesota. Since Kirk Cousins joined the Vikings in 2018, the Packers have gone 3-2-1 against them and 3-1 in their last four meetings.

While the Packers have been winning against the Vikings, they have been doing so by wider margins than 2.5 points. In the Packers' last three wins over the Vikings, they’ve won by 5, 13, and 9 points.

Something else to look at is that the Packers have been an away favorite two times this season and have gone 2-0 against the spread in that scenario. What backs up their alternate spread from 4.5-6.5 is that they have covered those two games by an average of 6.5 points. It is also worth noting that the Packers have won five of their eight games this season by more than 6.5 points.

When betting in $100 units, it would turn out more profitable to split that one unit into $20 increments and lay it on these five alternate lines rather than putting it all on the Packers -2. If the five are taken and hit, $158 in profit can be made rather than the $91 made betting on the 2-point spread.

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