Bears Super Bowl 58 Odds Garner Hype After Big Wager

  • A bettor at Caesar’s Sportsbook has placed $3,000 on the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl at +10000 odds.
  • After reiterating that QB Justin Fields will be their starter next year, his odds to be traded before the draft are now +450.
  • Despite holding the top pick, three teams are favored over the Bears to select first in the NFL Draft.

CHICAGO – A $3,000 wager for the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl next year at +10000 odds was placed last week. Public support may soon create hype for the Bears as one of the biggest longshots to win the Super Bowl in the upcoming season.

Early reports out of the Bears organization have pointed to trading the first pick and keeping current QB Justin Fields. In response, NFL sportsbooks have published +450 odds for Field to not be traded before the draft and now have the Bears as the fourth team in odds to pick at #1 despite holding the pick themselves.

Do The Bears Super Bowl Chances Have Real Validity?

The Bears are among the longest odds to win the Super Bowl at +10000 next year, but have gained considerable hype due to their combination of high draft picks, a dynamic young QB and the most cap space in the league by far.

Other sportsbooks have moved the Bears’ odds by varying margins but they remain in the bottom 10 teams almost unanimously.

At this point in time, the Bears will need a lot of help from both their front office as well as Justin Fields to really develop into a contender. Last year the Bears finished bottom 10 in points per game, bottom five in yards per game, and allowed the most points.

The one constant for the Bears over the offseason will be their commitment to Justin Fields, as GM Ryan Poles has once again reiterated that the OSU product will lead the team next season, which is backed by Fields’ +450 odds to be traded before the draft.

Luckily for the Bears, Justin Fields took a big step forward in terms of rushing last year but will need to further step up in the passing game, particularly by cutting down on his double-digit interceptions as well as raising his completion percentage.

The Bears do hold the #1 pick in the draft and are wholly expected to trade it rather than make a selection. In terms of odds, the Bears (+450) sit behind the Houston Texans (+240), Indianapolis Colts (+275), and Las Vegas Raiders (+400) to pick first overall.

Yet, it is unlikely that a trade would result in the Bears obtaining a great player except if it was a top receiver from these teams such as Davante Adams or Michael Pittman Jr. Past that, the trade is likely to net them various future selections that would then need to be traded once more to really make a noticeable improvement on the current team.

Free agency does hold much promise for the Bears though, especially given that they lead the NFL by a mile in cap space available with just under $100M. Spending up to get some of the best free agents available is the likely course of action if the Bears plan on winning a Super Bowl this next year.

Overall, NFL betting sites have strong reasoning for listing the Bears with odds as long as +10000 due to it requiring an almost entirely new roster construction, savvy trades that net them established stars, and Fields taking a big step forward similar to how Jalen Hurts did so this past season.

If the Bears can manage to pull off this front office masterclass this offseason, their Super Bowl odds will become much shorter. But unfortunately, the Bears are more likely to build for the future and stack up draft picks, which will make Caesar’s Sportsbook quite happy with the $3,000 they just received.

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