Are The Packers Odds To Win The NFC North A Lock?

  • The Green Bay Packers are heavily favored to win the NFC North division with -250 odds.
  • The Minnesota Vikings have +375 odds to win the division.
  • The Chicago Bears have +600 odds to win the NFC North.

GREEN BAY, Wis. - With the NFL offseason in full swing, NFL bettors can begin taking a look at some of the futures bets that are available on the divisions. More specifically, the futures odds on the NFC North division.

NFL sportsbooks currently have the Green Bay Packers seen as the heavy favorites to walk away as the division champions and rightfully so.

Odds To Win NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers -250
  • Minnesota Vikings +375
  • Chicago Bears +600
  • Detroit Lions +2200

The Packers are the heavy favorites being that they are not only the defending division champions, but also because they have won seven division championships since 2010. Looking at this past season, the Packers not only finished the season with the best record in the division at 13-3 but they also had the second-best record in the league.

When looking at the competition that the Packers face in the NFC North, it is nothing to get too excited about as the remaining teams, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions finished the season with either an exact .500 record or a well below .500 record.

Minnesota Vikings Odds To Win The Division

The Minnesota Vikings are sitting with the second shortest odds to win the division being that their offense has the talent to really hold up against anyone. They have a fast-rising receiver in Justin Jefferson along with a veteran in Adam Thielen. They also have one of the best running backs in the league in Dalvin Cook.

Where the problem lies in Minnesota though is with their quarterback, Kirk Cousins, and their defense as well. Cousins has just not been the accurate quarterback that the Vikings have been hoping for as he threw for 13 interceptions in 2020 which was tied for the second-most on the season.

Their defense has also been a bottom-tier defense in the league as they allowed the fourth-most points in the league.

With that said, being that the Packers' offense is just overwhelming, the Vikings just do not have enough to keep up with them. They’ll have to pick up some defenders either in the NFL Draft, free agency, or both.

Betting On The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have endless problems and inconsistency issues that they need to work on which is why they are sitting with the third-longest odds to win the NFC North.

Along the lines of being inconsistent, the Bears have relied on two quarterbacks this season in Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky who combined for 16 interceptions.

On top of that, the Bears defense is just not what it used to be as the two seasons prior to 2020, they finished in the top five in points allowed and in 2020 they dropped way down to the 14th spot. Not to take anything away from that as they are still in the top-15, but for an offense like the Green Bay Packers that is very explosive, they just cannot hold up against them.

Detroit Lions Odds

For any bettors who have any doubts on the Packers winning a third straight division championship, they should just remember that they share the division with the Detroit Lions. A Lions team that finished the season with a forgetful 5-11 record.

The Lions were just awful all around in the 2020 season as they ranked last in the league on defense, and in the offseason, they traded away an efficient Matthew Stafford who has an average 69.4 QBR for Jared Goff who is sitting with a 58.5 QBR.

Being that the Lions are clearly in a rebuild mode, bettors can pretty much count them out when it comes to even giving the Packers any sort of competition.

All in all, the Packers are shaping out to have the division on lock in the 2021 season and possibly even longer if they can continue playing at this elite level.

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