3 Teams With +1000 Odds Or Longer To Win The AFC

  • The Miami Dolphins have +1100 odds to win the AFC Championship.
  • There are +1200 odds for the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC.
  • The Denver Broncos have +2500 odds to win the AFC.

MIAMI – Before jumping to bet on the Kansas City Chiefs or Buffalo Bills to win the AFC, it should be known that there is plenty of value down the odds board that shouldn’t be overlooked… especially with teams that have +1000 odds or more. Each the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Denver Broncos each have longer odds and could be profitable bets to make early on.

2023-24 AFC Championship Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs +350
  • Buffalo Bills +500
  • Cincinnati Bengals +500
  • New York Jets +750
  • Miami Dolphins +1100
  • Baltimore Ravens +1200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1200
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +1400
  • Cleveland Browns +1800
  • Denver Broncos +2500
  • Las Vegas Raiders +3000
  • New England Patriots +3000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +3000
  • Tennessee Titans +5000
  • Indianapolis Colts +7500
  • Houston Texans +10000

Miami Dolphins (+1100)

It’s surprising that NFL oddsmakers haven’t listed the Dolphins odds under +1000 already with the way their offseason has unfolded. They’ve added plenty of notable names including Jalen Ramsey, David Long, Braxton Berrios, and Robbie Anderson to a team that is already coming off of a playoff appearance last year.

Their odds to win the AFC have been on the move since first opening as well going from +1450 down to the +1100 they currently sit at.

Oddsmakers are also high on them this year as their +1450 opening odds are their shortest preseason odds since 2015. Being that they’ve added to an already talented roster is sure to shift their odds even more As the season draws closer so right now is the perfect time to take them.

Baltimore Ravens (+1200)

Just like Lamar Jackson finally got the recognition he deserved with a new contract, the Ravens odds to win the AFC should get that same recognition. Make no mistake, Lamar Jackson is still in a class of his own in terms of athletic QBs go and with a brand new contract fueling him, he is certainly going to prove why he’s worth the money.

They’ve also done a great job in surrounding Jackson with weapons, unlike other years. They brought in Odell Beckham Jr., Nelson Agholor, and drafted Zay Flowers in the first round of the draft. Aside from Mark Andrews, this could be one of Jacksons' better receiving cores that he’s had.

Taking their NFL odds now in the offseason is certainly more valuable than what will be available during the season as the Ravens AFC Championship odds have dropped to below +600 in each of the last four seasons.

Denver Broncos (+2500)

Yes, the Denver Broncos were a mess last season and many like to laugh, but with a major change on the sideline, now could be the best time to bet on them to win the conference. If there is anyone that will get the best out of Russell Wilson, it’s going to be Sean Payton.

In 14 years as the New Orleans Saints head coach, Payton took them to nine playoffs which included a Super Bowl win and a conference title game appearance.

Denver had +850 preseason odds last season with a horrible head coach and now with one of the better coaches in the league, their odds are much longer and could be worth a sprinkle if things do turn out the way they’ve hoped.

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