3 Best Value Bets for 2023 NFL Rushing Yards Leader

  • The running back with the best value to lead the NFL in rushing yards in 2023 is Bijan Robinson with +1400 odds.
  • Justin Fields is a longshot at +2000, but could become the first quarterback ever to lead the NFL in rushing yards this upcoming season.
  • Tony Pollard is another value pick at +1600, who now takes over the Dallas Cowboys backfield without Ezekiel Elliott.

INDIANAPOLIS – Odds for the 2023 NFL regular season rushing yards leader at BetOnline Sportsbook favors Jonathan Taylor with +750 odds. There are three players with nearly twice as long of odds that are worth a bet to lead the NFL in rushing in 2023.

2023 Regular season Rushing Yards Leader Odds

  • Jonathan Taylor +750
  • Nick Chubb +800
  • Derrick Henry +1000
  • Bijan Robinson +1400
  • Josh Jacobs +1400
  • Saquon Barkley +1400
  • Tony Pollard +1600
  • Rhamondre Stevenson +1800
  • Breece Hall +2000
  • Justin Fields +2000
  • Joe Mixon +2000
  • Miles Sanders +2000

Bijan Robinson’s +1400 odds on BetOnline are valuable based on the Atlanta Falcons rushing offense and schedule. Last season, the Atlanta Falcons ranked first in the NFL in rushing attempts and third in rushing yards.

The Atlanta Falcons will have 11 games this season against teams ranking in the bottom half of the league in 2022 NFL team total defense for rushing yards allowed per game.

This includes the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears, who were the only teams in the NFL to allow over 2,600 rushing yards to opponents last season.

Betting Outside of Bijan Robinson

Perhaps an even better bet than Robinson is on Tony Pollard, who has +1600 odds to record the most rushing yards in the NFL in 2023.

Tony Pollard has good value at +1600 considering he will be taking over the Dallas Cowboys backfield this season. Despite splitting carries with Ezekiel Elliott in 2022, Pollard rushed for 1,0007 yards on 193 attempts.

Aaron Jones was the only player outside of Tony Pollard to average over 5.2 yards per carry with over 170 rush attempts. Without Ezekiel Elliott’s 231 carries in 2023, Tony Pollard has great value at +1600 to lead the NFL in rushing yards.

Justin Fields (+2000) is the only quarterback with less than +3500 odds, but surprisingly has better odds to lead the NFL in rushing yards than Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones, and Kenneth Walker.

No quarterback has ever led the NFL in rushing yards, but Justin Fields has a chance to do so in 2023. Lamar Jackson recorded the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season in 2019 but still didn’t come close to the NFL lead that season.

Fields finished seventh in the NFL in rushing yards in 2022, thanks to his 7.1 yards per carry. Justin Fields finished four rushing yards ahead of Christian McCaffrey on 84 less rushing attempts.

With +200 odds at NFL sportsbooks, Justin Fields to lead the league in rushing yards in 2023 is worth a bet.

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