Seahawks Odds Showing Russell Wilson Staying In Seattle

  • There are -475 odds for Russell Wilson to stay in Seattle next season.
  • Russell Wilson has +700 odds to be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.
  • Russell Wilson has +900 odds to be the Saints starting QB next season.

SEATTLE – The drama between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks continues as a recent report has come out stating the different teams that Wilson would waive his no-trade clause for.

Those teams include the Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and New York Giants.

With rumors of Wilson being on his way out intensifying, NFL sportsbooks now have odds for what his future will be next season.

Is A Victory Lap In Seattle An Option?

Seahawks Starting QB For Game 1 Of 2022-23

  • Russell Wilson -475
  • Jacob Eason +550
  • Geno Smith +850
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick +2500
  • Andy Dalton +2500
  • Cam Newton +2500

Russell Wilson Team Week 1 Of 2022-23

  • Seattle Seahawks -475
  • Denver Broncos +700
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +750
  • Las Vegas Raiders +750
  • Chicago Bears +750
  • New Orleans Saints +900

Unfortunately for Seattle Seahawks fans, despite the odds heavily favoring Wilson staying with the Seahawks, it is hard seeing Wilson staying put. With their performance this season, Wilson is sure to want a fresh start somewhere else.

Looking at the teams that were mentioned on his trade target list, only the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints are on the odds board. First and foremost, it would be a wise decision to bet on either of those odds being that if Seattle does respect Wilson’s wishes of going to one of those teams, both of them would offer great payouts.

The Seahawks are clearly headed towards a rebuild and at 33 years of age, Russell Wilson certainly wants no part of it making his odds of staying with the Seahawks lost money.

A Case For The Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Starting QB For Game 1 Of 2022-23 Season

  • Drew Lock +160
  • Aaron Rodgers +210
  • Deshaun Watson +550
  • Russell Wilson +700
  • Teddy Bridgewater +950
  • Matt Corral +1400

The Denver Broncos are considered to be a quarterback away from being serious contenders for a post-season run. They have an above-average receiving core, a great run game, and an elite defense.

It is worth noting that the Broncos have been rumored to other quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, however, the Rodgers saga has other teams involved that could snag him first. If the Broncos were to miss out on Rodgers, they could shift their focus to trading for Wilson.

All in all, it is smart to bank on Wilson not being with the Seahawks next season.

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